THE HERETIC ORDER team up with Weight Of the Tide for pre-Bloodstock shows
Announce new bassist Priestess Morgana

The Heretic Order and Reno, Nevada, heavyweights Weight Of The Tide have joined forces for two pre-Bloodstock Festival shows in London and Milton Keynes.
The London metallers have announced new bassist Priestess Morgana (Dany Jones) will make her diabolical debut at these shows. Previously with Bitchslap, Kopperhed, The Kut and Black Sixteen and stints with Cherie Currie of The Runaways and Suzie Quatro Morgana replaces Rotted Skull who quit to move abroad and pursue other interests. The band wish him all the best.
Catch them at:
Tuesday August 7
London, The Blackheart, Camden
w/ Weight Of The Tide and Woven Man (ex Acrimony)
Ticket Link : August 8
Milton Keynes Crauford Arms
w/ Weight Of The Tide

August 10
The Heretic Order – Jaegermeister Stage

THE HERETIC ORDER have unveiled a lyric video for “Forest Of The Impaled” from the upcoming new album ’Evil Rising‘ due out on June 22, 2018 on Massacre Records.
Check it out here:

Check out the video for “Evil Rising” here:
Check out the lyric video for “Forest Of The Impaled” here:
And the album track by track interview and new tracks here:

The Heretic Order‘s new album ’Evil Rising‘ was released to critical acclaim on June 22, 2018 on Massacre Records.

Full Image

  EVIL RISING track listing:

1. Prelude
2. Evil Rising
3. Unholy War
4. Hate Is Born
5. Omens
6. Mortification Of The Flesh
7. Under The Cross Of Pain
8. Straight Down (To Hell)
9. The Mask
10. The Forest Of The Impaled
11. The Scourge Of God
12. Visions

The long awaited and highly anticipated follow up to 2015‘s ’All Hail The Order‘ was produced by Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77) and The Heretic Order.

Check out the teaser video here:

Full Image

Having played in some of the major metal festivals and toured extensively in the UK the band expanded their reach playing their first European tour with Dave Vincent’s I Am Morbid And Necrophagia last year. Still touring the wickedly awesome debut album ‘All Hail the Order’, released at the end of 2015 through Massacre Records, THO are putting the finishing touches to their follow-up album, with plans to release after the summer. Stay tuned for more news in the near future.

Lord Ragnar Wagnar – Vocal/Guitar
Count Marcel LaVey – Guitar
Priestess Morgana – Bass
Doctor Pain – Drums

New album reviews, June 2018
Sonic Abuse 9/10
“The Heretic Order are one of those rare metal bands where everything is done right…A brilliant album from start to finish, ’Evil Rising‘ is one of the most frantically fun albums I‘ve reviewed this year.”
Lords of Metal 85/100
“Always with a feeling for melody and supported by a very stable rhythm section…crafted with beautiful guitar solos… Metal as it should be and we all like that don‘t we?” 7/10
“After all, the new ghost train of THE HERETIC ORDER is not on a scrappy hype, but in a high-class amusement park…. It can be clearly heard that the guys in the nearly three years since the predecessor “All Hail the Order” have gained some musical muscle.” 90/100
“…whoever counts…Hell, Mercyful Fate or King Diamond…to his or her favorites, can also blindly purchase this ‘Evil Rising’ from The Heretic Order. For all others: The Heretic Order brings traditional heavy metal that breathes both infectiousness and power without forgetting melody and gives it a dark, dark occult cachet.” 8.5/10
“First-class, catchy, satanic-occult heavy metal with doom sludge influences, hard guitar riffs and enough headbang potential to please any metalhead. Compared to the debut, the band has again increased significantly…. “Evil Rising” never gets boring!” 8.5/10
“If you like Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate and Co., you should not go wrong with this album and for those who like to think outside the box, “Evil Rising” should be an asset to their collection.”
GBHBL 7.5/10
“There‘s nothing cheesy about gargantuan riffs, finger blistering solos and hellish vocals that sound like they‘re being sung while gargling a mouthful of blood.”
Ave Noctum 8/10
“I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Evil Rising and will certainly be listening to more of it as time goes by, catchy, energetic, eclectic, Metal and most importantly modern without being offensive, get this in your speakers.”
Metal Express Radio 8.5/10
“Ragnar‘s vocals are interesting in that he manages to sound like any number of Metal greats and goods — sometimes he‘s like Ozzy, sometimes Blackie Lawless, sometimes Cronus — while managing to craft his own style.”
Nattskog 7/10
“This album is a very cool fusion of classic Heavy Metal and some much weirder elements.”

Live and first album reviews – I Am Morbid tour June 2017
“…the rocking horror metal group is an early highlight. The musicians…play excellently and several songs [keep you] on the hook.”
HRH Magazine – HRH Heavy March 2017
“It may be early days for The Heretic Order, but they certainly deserved their place as third stage headliners. Why? Because they fired up a packed room with high octane, punchy, metal-plated rock ’n‘ roll. Because of the stage presence of Lord Ragnar Wagner, who exuded confidence and brought no shortage of theatre to proceedings. Because they can write fine songs like [The] Snake. Watch them rise.”
Metal Hammer – BOA Aug 2016
“It‘s a shame THO are opening the tent instead of the main stage, with their theatrical aesthetic and stage show of skeletons and blood soaked virgins custom made for bigger spectacle. The fact they‘re backed by the classic metalisms and gothic undertones of ’Burn Witch Burn‘ is a massive plus.‘” 8/10  (AR)
Get Your Rocks Out – BOA Aug 2016
“The music was full of everything you wanted too; great riffs, powerful bass lines and stupendous vocals all brought together in a stunning set that heated up the crowd wonderfully.”
Metal Hammer Album review – Sept 2015
“There are many things to love about All Hail The Order – from the hilariously demonic cover art to the band‘s alter-egos, Lord Ragnar Wagner, Rotted Skull etc. But their Hammer Horror shtick is second to a solid set of tunes. An album that reminds us how good it is to listen to Candlemass and Mercyful Fate.” 7/10 Holly Wright
TBFM Album review Oct 2015
“A solid debut from a band who clearly have big things ahead of them. So what are you waiting for? Come join the order…”

All press and videos can be accessed the band’s website or the links below:


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