The Flower Of Love // Pans Not Dead // EP Review


Babis Nikou (Angel’s Arcna and Hada) and Raphael Saini (Cripple Bastards and ex Iced Earth) have been working together for a while now, both being live members of Austria symphonic metal band Visions of Atlantis in 2012 along with being in the lineup for the debut album by Jaded Star in 2015.

Taking the time that had been freed by the pandemic the two discussed the idea of working together again and The Flower Of Love was created.

Comprising of 5 tracks, 4 originals and a cover of ‘Policia’ by Titãs, the high energy Fuzzy Americana  Rock style will get your toe tapping immediately. The guitar has the sound of a time gone by as the vocal sounds like something that has come from the New Romantic era creating a wonderfully nostalgic yet new feeling.

As the EP progresses the warmth continues to wash over you and the guitars become bolder and you get drawn deeper into the world of Pans Not Dead.

This world that has been created by The Flower Of Love is one that drifts into the Black n Roll world whilst always keeping that foot in the more American world, that is until you reach the cover of ‘Policia’ where we are clearly in the Punk arena with the vocal style, however maintaining the musical style that we have come to expect and love throughout the EP.

The 14 minute EP genuinely speeds passed and before you know it, you are back at the opening track, toe-tapping and now singing along as you have lost count as to how many times you have let it repeat. Sometimes that is because you feel that you’re missing something, but here it’s because it is such a good listen.

You could put Pans Not Dead on anywhere no matter what your mood and it would fit what you have been yearning for. It is one of those releases that you didn’t realise that you needed but now you won’t know how you existed without it. In fact, it will leave you yearning for more.

The Flower Of Love state that Pan as a symbol can still be alive in the hearts of the people, re-enchanting the world. This confirms the statement made by the title as The Flower Of Love begin their enchantment over you.

Ed Ford

Pans Not Dead will be released March 28th 2022 via FYC Records.



Track List

  1. Phantosmia (Pan’s not Dead)
  2. My Last Will
  3. Utopia
  4. Cine Castro
  5. Policia (Titãs Cover)


The Flower Of Love // Pans Not Dead // EP Review
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