The Federal Empire // Road Through Hell // Album Review
The Federal Empire // Road Through Hell // Album Review9
The Federal Empire // Road Through Hell // Album Review9
The Federal Empire // Road Through Hell // Album Review9
The Federal Empire // Road Through Hell // Album Review9
The Federal Empire // Road Through Hell // Album Review9
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The Federal Empire for those not in the loop is an Alternative duo based in L.A. made up of Chad Wolf (platinum-selling Carolina Liar) and Grammy-nominated songwriter, McKay Stevens. These guys have been making waves across the pond climbing the Alt Charts and getting their impeccably composed tracks on hit US TV shows none the less. So with their hotly anticipated debut full-length album Road Through Hell having dropped this very weekend, how does it translate compared to the hype?

Very nicely indeed, easy on the ears, each and every track just flows beautifully throughout and seamlessly translates their musicality to huge anthemic numbers one after another. Right from the off, there are no prisoners taken as ‘Never Saw It Coming’ hits you right between the eyes with its addictive melody and sing-along chorus. Get used to it, party anthem after-party anthem packs out Road Through Hell with banger after banger. If you are looking for that summer soundtrack then The Federal Empire has it in abundance. Production is sublime which provides a gargantuan sound from the duo making their songs larger than life, with a subtle electronica vibe to their sound fused with an Alt-Pop-Rock backbone you have a seriously melodic collection of songs to take your mind off the chaos that is 2020. 

There genuinely isn’t a weak track on the album as it gets a grip on you and relentlessly bombards you with high energy, high impact song-writing to simply bring a smile to your face. From start to finish The Federal Empire has set their stall out to entertain, to envelope you in a blanket of joy that will transport you to somewhere otherworldly and leave behind all the drama where it belongs, filed under B for the bin. If you need a breath of fresh air, a distraction worthy of your attention then Road Through Hell is exactly what you need. 


Road Through Hell is out now via Sumerian Records. 


Road Through Hell Track Listing:

01. Never Saw It Coming

02. The American Dream

03. Bad Habits

04. Good Man

05. The Way That I Do

06. Doing Time

07. More Than Just Friends

08. Homeless

09. Gasoline

10. I Never Liked Your Friends

11. What Are We Fighting For

12. Road Through Hell


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The Federal Empire’s single – ‘I Never Liked Your Friends‘ – hit Top 30 on Alternative Radio with over 7,000 spins to date. There has been 8,400,000 streams on Spotify and their music has been featured in huge shows on Fox, ABC, NBC as well as in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and a number of other sports placements.

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