The Fallen State - A Deadset Endeavour - Album Review
The Fallen State - A Deadset Endeavour - Album Review 10
The Fallen State - A Deadset Endeavour - Album Review 10
The Fallen State - A Deadset Endeavour - Album Review 10
The Fallen State - A Deadset Endeavour - Album Review 10
The Fallen State - A Deadset Endeavour - Album Review 10
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April 12th is a date to be marked down as the release of one of the best albums of the year so far, A Deadset Endeavour. Since they formed in 2013 they have released a stream of Ep’s and toured extensively building a massive following and reputation of being at the forefront of the rock scene. And it is not hard to see why, their full length debut is a stunner, from the open track, “Statements”, to the closer, “Fragments”, you are brought on an absolute musical mastery journey. For such a relatively young band they have a huge sound no more so than on the aforementioned opener “Statements” and what a one it is, with a simply fantastic rhythmic near hypnotic drum beat and groove laden guitars and amazing vocals to rival any of the greats.

“For My Sorrow” speeds thing up a little with a pulsing beat right the way through with a real catchy hook an some mesmerising guitar work courtesy of Jon Price and Dan Oke with Ben Stenning giving it his all on vocals. “American Made” is the first single from the album and it is a classic. Heavy riffs and a slapping bass line that show how integral Greg Butler is to pulling the whole thing together aided nicely by Rich Walker on the drums. “Torn” is a track of note with a more aggressive tone to it, heavier and harder by far but none of the rhythm or cohesion is lost as the band showcase their ability to play hard rock and anthemic tunes with relative ease. “Can’t Fight The Feeling” is another track that will get you stomping your feet to its relentless beat and unbelievably stirring vocals with some tasty guitar work underneath it all. “Open Wound” is a rhythmic masterpiece with Walker hammering away on the drums tying in nicely with the bas and guitars and Stenning giving it his all on the vocals, again this is a really infectious tune that just grabs you unit the final note.

“Lovers & Psychos” kick things to another level with a kind of up and down tempo and more of a nu-metal/metalcore, Memphis May Fire sound but with clean vocals throughout, an excellent track. “Fragments” closes the album the way it should, a song filled with all the amazing elements that make this band what they are, MASSIVE!!!


If you are going to buy any album on the 12th April it has to be this, you will not be disappointed.


The Fallen State are:

Ben Stenning                  Vocals

Rich Walker                  Drums

Jon Price                           Lead guitar

Dan Oke                           Guitar

Greg Butler                  Bass


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