The Fallen Mafia // Awaken // Album Review

Fallen Mafia​ are an up and coming band who has been making quite the noise and getting noticed. Having toured with the likes of ​Michael Monroe​ and ​Crash Diet​ and even opening the stage for the inaugural ​Stonedeaf Festival​ which saw the likes of ​Skid Row ​and ​The Quireboys​ on the line-up. It’s hard to miss these guys and there’s a good reason they’ve been making a stir.

The full-length debut album ​Awaken​ showcases who this band is. There’s an instant feel to a similarity to the band’s they’ve hit the road with so far, with that 80s/90s sleaze feel. Every track has this dirty feel to it that almost transports you to think these guys should have been there back at the height of this style. That’s not to say the band doesn’t have their own twist and it’s clear although influenced they know who they are and have their own sound. The band showcases a lot of talent with well-executed solos and the composition of the tracks themselves.

Having a female vocalist also makes these guys stand out from the crowd and her vocal ability is something else as she has a grungy feel to her voice which works well with the style of the band. The highlight of the album may just be “Heads Up” as it kicks in with a bit of a darker sound. The vocals are also shared and that makes this track stand out as well as having a chorus which is sure to be hit in their live shows.

If you’ve somehow managed to miss these guys, then now is the time to check them out. With the album out now, ​Fallen Mafia ​is one to watch!





Track List: 

  1. Fallen Mafia - AwakenWar
  2. Awaken
  3. Burn
  4. Don’t Look Back
  5. Life’s a Dance
  6. Breathe
  7. Asylum
  8. How the Story Ends
  9. Undead
  10. Heads Up
  11. Nymph



Band Members:

Hannah Neil – Vocals
Chris Johnson – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Stephen Hope – Guitar
Jack Martin – Bass
Adas Cowan – Drums


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