THE EXPLODING BOY release their stunning new album ‘Alarms!’ on 18th May, out on Drakkar Entertainment.

“The Exploding Boy has been Sweden’s little secret for years. With this new release, they should be able to find the same level of success here in the US…they combine heavy bass, toe-tapping rhythms and catchy melodies with undercurrents of anger, fear and loneliness. It is a combination that keeps them from drowning in the morose, wallowing that so many bands fall victim too.”
Coma Music Magazine (US)
“Their flair for beautiful songs shot with a delicious melancholy is pronounced, as they proved tenfold with the third album.”
Sonic Seducer (DE)
“This is exactly how post-punk should be done, and it needs to be played with the volume cranked up. It has that European sound that works perfectly in this genre – that sound you can instantly recognise, but not quite pin down as to why. Honest and authentic, The Exploding Boy haven’t lost their rough edge and know exactly how to mix their influences to create the perfect blend.”
EGL Magazine (UK)
“The music plays well when you are in that state of mind when you are needing something to feed it, as the overall effect allows the brain to wander on a tour of imagery.”
Emerging indie bands (US)


With their moniker lifted from iconic alt rockers The Cure’s song, this Swedish sextet who have been together since 2006, didn’t simply want to step into these luminaries shoes but worked to take their influences, combine them with their own passions and desires to produce a unique sound that resonates both now, in the future and with decades long gone.

The Exploding Boy have been called many things – post-punk, alternative, dark indie rock, dark wave, gothic, dark dance – and are undoubtedly an amalgamation of all these, but within them are tunes with waves of angst, haunting melodies, melancholic undercurrents and seductive harmonies captivating all who hear them.

The Exploding Boy’s fifth album is simply a beautiful blend of emotion, melodies and attitude and sees the Swedish sextet really stepping up their their game. Alarms! is a must hear.

Stefan Axell (Vocals, Electric Guitar), Johan Sjöblom (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Les Andersson (Guitar), Nicklas Isgren (Keyboards), Mattias Svensson (Bass), Richard Ankers (Drums)

Album Tracklisting:
Fireland (The End Of Dark City)
Alarms In Silence
The Day
Run Red
Stop Time
Pointless Action
Danger Zone
Sign O’ The Times
Liar’s Roar

Band photo by Johnny BatCat Nattsjö


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