The Eiffels Offer Neon Grooves With ‘Spin Around’ Video

Los Angeles rock trio The Eiffels have prepared a brand new music video for their most recent single, “Spin Around,” which was released earlier this year. The fun, neon-soaked visuals perfectly accentuate the ‘80s-inspired dance rock of the three-minute single. And, to add to the cool factor, the Matt Robertson-directed video was shot in the room used as Bruce Wayne’s minimalist “Batcave” is Christopher Nolan’s 2008 hit blockbuster The Dark Knight.

’Spin Around’ was written spontaneously after feeling unsatisfied with how our last single was developing in the studio,” explains vocalist Sean Ulbs. “We worked on the previous single for days, but the further we got, the more we realized it wasn’t what we had envisioned. Instead of reworking it, we scrapped it entirely, and I went home to write a new song. A couple days later we had ‘Spin Around.’ It was a valuable reminder that having a clear idea of what you don’t want can be very helpful in the writing process. We wanted a synth-driven dance song. We wanted fun vocals that didn’t take themselves too seriously. And we wanted to tell a story. ‘Spin Around’ is about that quintessential night out, and being fixated on a hypnotic muse,” Ulbs adds. “In our search for a crazy visual space for the music video, we fell in love with this particular set. We didn’t find out until later that it was The Dark Knight’s ‘Batcave.’

View The Eiffels’ newest video exclusively below.


The Eiffels were recently selected by Universal Music Group and Aloft Hotels for their joint Project: Aloft Star contest and were thus given the opportunity to sit down with mentors X Ambassadors where they were able to discuss the business, their respective processes and much more.

“Among other topics, X Ambassadors revealed to us how they went from playing to empty rooms to being discovered by Imagine Dragons and signing to Interscope,” says Ulbs. “They also gave amazing insights about their songwriting process, sync deals and the major tipping points that elevated their career.”

You can watch the in-depth interview below.



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