The Effens – “Things You Can’t Take Back” – Out Now!💋

Our new single, Things You Can’t Take Back,” is about the moment something is said which changes everything. Whether it’s a promise of love or cutting someone down, the truth or a lie, it cannot be unsaid. Each of us hold and give this power to one another when we choose to be vulnerable.

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Sitting on handlebars, as we terrify the cars

This is the relationship at the heart of the song – two people on one bike, swerving in and out of traffic. They put themselves in danger but dilute themselves enough to feel that they are in control because they are the ones scaring the drivers. 

They are two individuals who believe everything is temporary, trying to hold onto something for a moment that will make them feel less helpless.

“Things You Can’t Take Back” is ultimately about preserving that moment in your memory before everything changes. Not being sad that something is lost, but being grateful to have experienced it.

Thank you for spending time with this song,

The Effens

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