The Effens – “Pavement Age” Out Now!

I don’t think we as humans can stop ourselves from turning institutions into kinds of religion or from using divine language. 

Our new song, Pavement Age,” is sung from the perspective of someone trying to define their moral compass and hoping they can be good, realizing that this can only be accomplished by looking outside of themselves.

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This track captures the melody, sonic textures, loudness and simplicity that is core to our sound. Recording “Pavement Age” was an excruciating and joyful process, self produced by our lead singer Austin Nops, where we were able to exorcise the demons of perfectionism.

We’d like you to feel unafraid while asking yourself difficult questions about what makes someone a “good” person and how morality is really defined.

In general, The Effens‘ music is made with our twelve-year-old selves in mind and what they would want to listen to. So if you’re not twelve, pretend you are and listen to this with headphones on late at night.

Thanks for taking the time to listen,

The Effens

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