The Dust Coda // Early Days - Raw & Unplugged // EP Review
The Dust Coda // Early Days - Raw & Unplugged // EP Review8
The Dust Coda // Early Days - Raw & Unplugged // EP Review8
The Dust Coda // Early Days - Raw & Unplugged // EP Review8
The Dust Coda // Early Days - Raw & Unplugged // EP Review8
The Dust Coda // Early Days - Raw & Unplugged // EP Review8
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The Dust Coda mid-Covid-19 lockdown got creative and decided to revisit old recordings and drop a short and sweet EP of these tracks raw and unplugged. What you get right off the back is a beautiful interpretation of these tracks that are even more emotive and ethereal than before. 

Formed in 2015 around the nucleus of guitarist Adam Mackie and singer John Drake, The Dust Coda honed their sound during 2016 in the studio with award-winning producer Clint Murphy (Thunder, Manic Street Preachers, Devilskin). The band released their self-titled debut album in October 2017 to critical acclaim, were proclaimed “Ones To Watch” by Planet Rock, and subsequently nominated for Best New Act 2017.

No surprise there, The Dust Coda show their strength here in these stripped backtracks, the quality within the band and the strength of their songwriting as you are drawn into the backbone of their songs. First and foremost there are good bones here, the band is built on first-class songwriting and have the musical ability to translate that perfectly through their recordings and when you get a band taking their music into it’s the simplest form with an acoustic guitar, you can either pull it off or fall flat on your face and The Dust Coda excel. 

The rich gritty vocals of John Drake add that extra texture to the stripped-back numbers and allow them to shine, it makes the EP even more cohesive, and before you know it this short and sweet collection is over all too soon. Personally I am a fan of hearing artists reinterpret their own work in this fashion and love it even more when executed so well. 

It may only be four tracks but well worth your time and hard-earned cash. 


Early Days – Raw & Unplugged is available Friday, June 5th via all purveyors of fine music. 




    1. Alone With The Notes
    2. Bourbon Pouring
    3. Love Sick
    4. Sigh Inside

      The Dust Coda are:

      John Drake – lead vocals & guitar, Adam Mackie – lead guitar, Scott Miller – drums, Tony Ho – bass.

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