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“The Dollyrots’ music is a piece of Bazooka bubblegum wrapped in a Bukowski poem: a deceptively sweet 1950’s throwback that is hard as nails when your sink your teeth in. This music smells as much of a rollerskating rink as it does of a dive bar.”- Screamer Magazine

“The Dollyrots are a party, they are unapologetically positive and always have been, and in this grim world we live in being a beacon of positivity is not a bad thing, in fact I’d say this nonprescription antidepressant should be compulsory” – The Punk Site

“The Dollyrots Deliver Phenomenal Musical Perfection”- The Whole Kameese

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“Night Owls takes their signature brand of pop-punk insanity and cranks it up to eleven. The album, a gleeful mix of three-chord punk riffs and melodies so catchy they’ll dig a tunnel into your brain the size of a Manhattan’s subway line.”- Melody Lane

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The Dollyrots release their new album Night Owls, out now via Wicked Cool RecordsHear it at your favorite streaming platform here:

To accompany the album release the band delivers a new lyric video for the vibrant pop-punk anthem “5+5”Watch it here:

Night Owls is filled with infectious sensibilities and musical honesty, it’s a celebration of moving comfortably into adulthood and not sacrificing your rebellious attitude. For the new songs the Dollyrots once again enlisted longtime collaborator John Fields (Jimmy Eat World, All Time Low, Meet Me At the Altar) who is responsible for the bulk of production credit.

“What’s especially striking about this album is its richness in diversity. At its heart, it’s undeniably pop punk, but it doesn’t confine itself to a singular sound. Each track brings its own flair, with subtle tweaks and shifts that keep the listening experience fresh from start to finish. It’s not just about creating catchy tunes (though there are plenty); it’s about exploring the vast landscape of punk and all its various sub-genres” – Folk N Rock

Songs from Night Owls have already been deemed The Coolest Song In The World on Sirius XM’s Underground Garage, garnering featured spots and heavy rotation. The Dollyrots have become a long-time staple on the station and their steady output caught the attention of Wicked Cool founder Stevie Van Zandt long ago. “Their songwriting has reached a consistent level of greatness,” he said.

The Dollyrots are Kelly Ogden (bass and vocals), Luis Cabezas (guitar and vocals), and Simon Hancock as their current touring drummer.

“At the core of this,” Luis says, “we are a married couple with two kids and a small business that we need to keep afloat. That business just happens to be artistic, which can be a reach. So, these days, we try to find those middle-of-the-night moments where we can create and tap into that indescribable thing that helps us make music.” Kelly remarks, “Making this album took the longest of any yet. We struggled to find creative time during the pandemic, with two kids at home for a full school year. And in the end, I couldn’t be prouder of the end result.”

“They are the natural progeny of The Ramones and The Descendents. The Dollyrots walk that magical line between knife-sharpened irony and poodle-skirt nostalgia that few punk bands have or can” – Screamer Magazine

Tour dates:

10/13 • Album Release Party at Heaven Can Wait • New York, NY

10/14 • Cafe Nine • New Haven, CT

11/1 • Jack Rabbits • Jacksonville, FL

11/2 • The Earl • Atlanta, GA

11/3 • The Cobra • Nashville, TN

11/4 • The Bark • Tallahassee, FL

11/5 • Crowbar • Tampa, FL

Hear more from them here:

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Photo: Jen Rosenstein