The Devil’s Trade release live video for Három Árva

release live video for
‘Három Árva’

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Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE is now unleashing a brand new live version of the track ‘Három Árva’ which was taken from the 2020 album ‘The Call of the Iron Peak’. The track was recorded at the Templom venue in Budapest (HU) and features multiple guest artists in a heavier setting!

Check out the video, which was created by Peter Szabo, via the official Season of Mist channel HERE. The link may be freely spread throughout your channels.

Mastermind Dávid Makó comments on the video: “While writing I can hear most of my songs performed by a doom band with some kind of folk influence. So from the first album it has been a natural drive for me to redo these with full orchestration. When I got invited to Fekete Zaj, one of the most important underground festivals of Hungary, where I played several times before, I knew this is the right time and place to ask my old band HAW to join me and see if the imaginary soundscape could come alive.

THE DEVIL’S TRADE – Három Árva (official live video) 2021

THE DEVIL’S TRADE previously teamed up with industrial noise artist JOHN CONNOR (LLNN) to collaborate on a new creative approach for the track ‘Dead Sister’, which you can find HERE.

THE DEVIL’S TRADE‘s previous album ‘The Call of the Iron Peak’ was released on August 28, 2020 and can be listened to in full HERE. The stunning cover artwork, which is created by the talented ‘Grindesign’, and other album details can be found below.

1. The Iron Peak
2. Dead Sister (WATCH)
3. III
4. No Arrival
5. Expelling of the Crafty Ape
7. Három Árva (WATCH)
8. Eyes in the Fire
10. Dreams from the Rot
11. The Call of the Iron Peak (WATCH)
Total playing time: 46:43

The Iron Peak; a mystical place where one once found his long lost peace total silence and home. Where he would return when his time to come to pass away. A place that has became a materialization of everlasting freedom cut from society and all earthly struggles. As ancient beliefs says heaven is a place where we found peace with our loved ones in life the Iron Peak is some kind of heaven.

Listen to the call of the Iron Peak as it is calling for you to find your true self in a world you want to be isolated from. It is calling for you to make peace with yourself, with the inevitable end. It is calling for Hungarian singer-songwriter Dávid Makó, who redefined himself as THE DEVIL’S TRADE a few years ago, embarking on a long journey with his deeply personal and dark, sometimes doom infused folk songs.

Be it the folk of the Appalachians, the tales of Hungarian and Transylvanian traditionals, THE DEVIL’S TRADE fuses his past of metal and his roots laying deep in the folk songs of his immediate surroundings.

Very much like how the Iron Peak, a mountaintop both metaphorical and literal is calling for Makó, he is calling for you to share his rituals of loves and hopes lost and found along the pilgrimage of his. It is after all, the journey itself that matters the most, and how you adapt. From basements in his hometown of Budapest, to all corners of Europe, stages small and big, THE DEVIL’S TRADE has been relentlessly walking on his path finding his voice and calling, and that is to let listeners to glimpse into himself through his heart wrenching songs.

His new album, and his debut for Season of Mist, titled ‘The Call of the Iron Peak’ will be released on August 28th 2020, preceded by a tour in April 2021 alongside UK singer-songwriter Darkher and Swedish neofolk/ambient artist Forndom.

Dávid Makó – vocals, guitars, banjo

Studio: Templom Studio (HU)
Mix/Master: Márton Szabó
Producer: Dávid Makó

Guest musicians:
Márton Szabó, Péter Szabó on drums,
Adam Vincze on spoons and jug in ‘The Call Of The Iron Peak’
Rita Szabó, Kornél Szabó on triangulum in Dead Sister

Cover artwork: Robert Borbas aka Grindesign

18/08/21 @Fekete Zaj Festival (HU)
06/04/22 @Drizzly Grizzly, Gdansk (PL) +Darkher
07/04/22 @Hydrozagadka, Warszawa (PL) +Darkher
08/04/22 @Zascianek, Krakow (PL) +Darkher
09/04/22 @Instant, Budapest (HU) +Darkher
10/04/22 @Escape, Vienna (AT) +Darkher
11/04/22 @Modra Vopice,  Prague (CZ) +Darkher
12/04/22 @Moritzbastei, Leipzig (DE) +Darkher
13/04/22 @Cassiopeia, Berlin (DE) +Darkher
14/04/22 @Stengade, Copenhagen (DK) +Darkher
15/04/22 @MS Stubnitz, Hamburg (DE) +Darkher
16/04/22 @Club Subway, Cologne (DE) +Darkher


Available formats:
LP in various colours

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