The Dead Daisies - Locked And Loaded - Album Review
The Dead Daisies - Locked And Loaded - Album Review8
The Dead Daisies - Locked And Loaded - Album Review8
The Dead Daisies - Locked And Loaded - Album Review8
The Dead Daisies - Locked And Loaded - Album Review8
The Dead Daisies - Locked And Loaded - Album Review8
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The latest offering from this awesome collection of musicians sees a carefully curated selection of cover tracks, both studio recorded and live but all given that Dead Daisies treatment. Selecting both genuine classic tracks along with tracks that just made the band feel good, this 10 track selection is guaranteed to get the toes tapping and trigger some wonderful memories whilst the legends put their own spin on the festivities.

Opening up with ‘Midnight Moses’ which was originally released in 1969 by Alex Harvey and having been in the bands setlist since 2015, the Daisies inject some southern filth into the track before we head to ‘Evil’ from 1954 when it was called ‘Evil Is Going On’ and recorded by Howlin’ Wolf. ‘Evil’ is a simple yet engaging track that the band just sound like they had a lot of fun recording and is a cert to get the whisky flowing.

Creedance Clearwater track ‘Fortunate Son’ is up next to get the filth treatment as the 1969 favourite blasts out and finds some additional grit as you sing along and the toes are certainly tapping by now before we ‘Join Together’ in 1972 The Who release.

We then fly through ‘Helter Skelter’ from The Beatles White Album before ‘Bitch’ by the Rolling Stones and a live rendition of ‘American Band’ by Grand Funk Railroad before heading back to the studio with ‘Revolution’ which was the B-side to ‘Hey Jude’ and then two live tracks in ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ by Neil Young and then ‘Highway Star’ by Deep Purple as this fantastic selection of tracks come to a close.

The influence of all previous and current members of the Dead Daisies can be heard in this album, along with those members themselves as this selection has been recorded throughout the band’s existence and combined now to create this special album.

The covers do not try to be better than the originals, they are true to those who created them whilst also putting that special Dead Daisies sauce all over it and creating some special and a lot of fun to sing along, air guitar, air drum and generally just rock out to.

There is only one way this album can be listened to and that is press play and turn it up to 11.

Ed Ford

‘Locked and Loaded’ is released 23rdAugust 2019.

Track List

01.Midnight Moses 4:28

02.Evil 3.13

  1. Fortunate Son 3:23
  2. Join Together 4:13
  3. Helter Skelter 4:16
  4. Bitch 3:55
  5. American Band (live) 3:26
  6. Revolution 3:56
  7. Rockin’ In The Free World (live) 6:01
  8. Highway Star (live) 6:23

Dead Daisies

The following can be heard on this album:

Doug Aldrich

Jackie Barnes

Deen Castronovo

John Corabi

Richard Fortus

David Lowy

Marco Mendoza

Dizzy Reed

Jon Stevens

Brian Tichy



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