The Danberry's // Shine // Album Review
The Danberry's // Shine // Album Review 8
The Danberry's // Shine // Album Review 8
The Danberry's // Shine // Album Review 8
The Danberry's // Shine // Album Review 8
The Danberry's // Shine // Album Review 8
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Nashville based award-winning duo The Danberry’s have dropped their latest offering and highly anticipated 3rd studio album Shine. A collection of beautifully composed Country, Blues and Folk, and Americana numbers that envelope you from the off. Reflecting on the process of creating Shine, the duo revealed, “Shine represents a major shift in our sound, moving away from our acoustic-centric past while staying rooted in our love for the song and the groove. By venturing outside of our comfort zone, sonically and process-wise, we were able to make an organic record that we’re excited for the world to hear.”

The dark, sultry introduction of the self-titled track ‘Shine’ sets the tone with its hefty emotive vibe and the sublime vocal tone of Dorothy just pulls you right in and carries you throughout. Their stripped-back approach is refreshing and whilst beautifully produced there is an ethereal approach and sound to the album that is appealing. Clearly The Danberry’s are letting the music do the talking here on this album, high school sweethearts and now husband and wife, the intimacy and connections resonate throughout this album and takes the listener on an emotive rollercoaster ride through fantastic storytelling and melodies that stick like glue. 

There is a cinematic quality to the soundtrack that transports you to an otherworldly place where time simply stops, you take it all in and let the music just flow over you like a warm summer breeze. It could in fact be the perfect soundtrack to your summer, especially in such uncertain times these calming and effortless sounding tracks could be exactly what you need for 45 minutes of calm or so. 

A quality album from start to finish with all the Americana charm required to bring a smile to your face. Shine is out now on all your favorite streaming platforms. 

In the meantime, The Danberrys are excited to finally release “The Mountain”. The single will soon be proceeded by more incredible singles including the title track “Shine”. Be sure to check out The Danberrys on social Media and check out “The Mountain”, now available on all streaming platforms.
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1. Shine

2. Holding the Bag

3. The Road

4. Francis

5. Never Gone

6. The River Is Wide

7. The Mountain

8. Undertow

9. Love Conquers War

10. The Coals Glow

11. Maddie’s Ghost

12. Rain



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