Swiss sludge-metal group The Crotals have just shared a new track titled “La Horde”, off the band’s impending second full-length album “Horde”, due out on September 7th via Tenacity Music.

“La Horde” is now playing via Decibel Magazine, who commented “There was a glorious time when sludge metal, particularly in Europe, stretched against the limits of tone, melody and rhythm the same way that post-hardcore did at the same time in America. This brief period of time, roughly from the early aughts until around 2012, birthed bands like Knut, America’s Keelhaul, and the sorely-missed Burst. Switzerland’s The Crotals deliver a furious throwback to that sound in an overall abbreviated and adrenaline-fueled package on their upcoming second album, Horde”

Listen to this new track here.

If you missed it, the leading single “Fissures” is still playing at this location.

Featuring guest performances from members of The Giant Robots, Sludge, Samael and Moonraisers, “Horde” is set for release on CD and LP on September 7th via Tenacity Music. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

The Crotals are in full control, and for something so aggressive and destructive sounding, it’s classy. They’re kicking your ass in style.
The Obelisk

Fuel! Flames! Blast! is a thrilling experience that I can’t recommend highly enough. Until the new High On Fire album is released then this is the next best thing for you to buy. High praise. Possibly. Justified. Most definitely.
The Sludgelord

‘Fuel! Flames! Blast!’ lives up to the exclamatory and explosive title, and when it comes to balls-out riffing, you have to hand it to The Crotals for not holding back.
Whisperin and Hollerin

Sludge rarely gets as vigorous and powerful as this.
Merchants of Air

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