Skyfire Interactive & Spookchild Records

The Creptter Children

Asleep With Your Devil EP

Official European Release

It’s not often one gets to experience a musical partnership growing in front of your very eyes. Since the explosion of MySpace, fans from all over the world have been witnesses to this unique and fascinating group. Always in the public eye and never afraid to share their life experiences with their loyal “Freaks” (Fans). From the humble beginnings of the Perth music scene, two musicians with a passion for creating exciting, original music join forces to create the game changing Goth/Metal band that is The Creptter Children.

The chance meeting of Iballa Chantelle to N8oR by a mutual friend was like two atomic sub-particles smashing into each other. The result? A musical match made in heaven (or in this case, Hell!). Iballa Chantelle’s solid and imaginative songs about horror, forbidden love, murder and spirituality along with her powerful and instantly recognisable voice was a perfect marriage for N8oR’s knack for producing ear catching, exciting music.

In 2010 California got to experience the much anticipated Possessed promotional tour. Including performances at the world famous Whisky A Go Go and the devilishly popular Batcave Nightclub. Their popularity not only helped to sell their music but also secured endorsements from California’s own Lip Service Clothing along with Ibanez Guitars.

Asleep With Your Devil EP is available worldwide through all good digital stores including Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.


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