The Crawling - Wolves And The Hideous White - Album Review
The Crawling - Wolves And The Hideous White - Album Review9
The Crawling - Wolves And The Hideous White - Album Review9
The Crawling - Wolves And The Hideous White - Album Review9
The Crawling - Wolves And The Hideous White - Album Review9
The Crawling - Wolves And The Hideous White - Album Review9
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Lisburn City, Northern Ireland in the year of 2014, three people got together to form a band and called themselves The Crawling. In January 2015 this selection of men released their first single and followed this up in the October with their debut EP In Light Of Dark Days. 2 years later the debut album made its mark on this Earth with Anatomy Of Loss and now we have the follow up to continue the journey.

If you are unfamiliar with The Crawling when you press play, the tones of Doom kick as the deep and dark notes begin to surround you and then a deep and gravelly vocal begins to tell the tales to which the steady paced music provides the backing for. The raw emotion is clear from the off as the Melodic Death blends perfectly to create an impressive sound.

The length of the tracks allows the band to tell a full tale as the 36 minute length is split over only 6 offerings, however this allows a full examination of the subject matter and also allows for the full expression of emotion. This formula spreads across the release as the atmosphere and bleak sound takes over as you become immersed in the record.

The drums pummel in the background, providing a hypnotising beat and occasionally burst into the forefront, as the bass provides the deep, low musical foundation for the guitar to build upon and finalise this impressively Dark and Doom-laden sound.

The overall pace is that of a steady dredge and sometimes slower at which point the vocal becomes rather guttural as the tracks flow into each other,so the momentum of this beautiful monster is not interrupted.

It is rare to hear such a complete, emotive and absorbing Doom / Melodic Death album, that pressing repeat is encouraged as the extra depths that this album reach are explored. This is something very raw and very special.


Ed Ford


Wolves And The Hideous White will be released November 16th 2018 on Grindscene Records.



  1. Wolves and the Hideous White
  2. Still No Sun
  3. Drowned In Shallow Water
  4. A Time For Broken Things
  5. Rancid Harmony
  6. Promises and Parasites



The Crawling album release show, The Empire, Belfast

Masters of misery, THE CRAWLING are set to release their second album, “Wolves and the Hideous White” in November via Grindscene Records. To celebrate, a dedicated live show will take place on Thursday 15th November at The Empire, Belfast in association with Shizznigh Promotions.

The gig is part of Belfast Music Week, and features some of the finest metal bands the city has to offer. Experimental, extreme metal act Disconnect will open proceedings, followed by old school black metal heads Neahmní, before Conjuring Fate bring their brand of classic heavy metal to the stage. THE CRAWLING will complete the night, airing tracks from the new album, as well as established fan favourites.

Andy Clarke from The Crawling commented; “We are really excited about getting the new CD out, and it’s always a proud moment to do so in our home city where we receive so much support, not to mention this is the final hometown show of the year from the bands, so cannot be missed!

The Belfast Empire, 42 Botanic Ave, 9PM, £3 payable on entry. []

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