The Belfast Empire hosts yet another gargantuan line up as one of Northern Irelands premiere bands The Crawling play host to their album launch party for their aptly titled Wolves And The Hideous White.

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Four hefty bands would take the stage this evening in a gathering worthy of the huddles masses as the Empire swells with metal-head’s coming from far and wide.

First up tonight was Belfast band Disconnect, a dark atmospheric band that delves in and out of their Black Metal influences, fusing it with Doom and a progressive sound it’s like the soundtrack to a film noir that haunts and challenges its listener. Disconnect by name and Disconnected by nature, you’ll not forget them in a hurry.

Neamhni had the pleasure of following, with a cinematic quality and the visuals to match you know you’re in for something a little different. Heavy as fcuk and intense from the off, frontman Alessandro Rocco gave it all he had, with both guitarist and bassist adorned in blood they looked every bit the part as their atmospheric Black Metal stained the walls. A high intensity set and relentless savagery left no-one in any doubt that Neamhni were in the building tonight.

Conjuring Fate would lighten the mood; old school Metal and duelling guitars brought the entertainment value back into the equation. A tight band with undoubted talent they ripped their way across a frantic set, packed with energy and letting loose on the Empire crowd, Solid Metal riffs and blistering guitar solos changed the vibe and provided a strong backbone to their performance, but their stage presence showcases their larger than life side and is well worth the entry fee for the entertainment value alone.

Tonight though was about one thing, showcasing the latest offering from one of Northern Irelands heftiest bands. Their six-track recording dropped recently on Grindscene Records and drives home the quality within this savage trio. With an atmospheric entrance frontman Andy Clarke looks rooted to the stage with fierce intent. As the first chords slam down you can feel the depth of their sound resonate around the room and the weight press against you.

A seriously tight performance the lads start and stop on a dime, the smoke filled stage adding to the drama as each behemoth sounding riff pounds and pummels the crowd, meshed with Andy’s hefty vocals, tracks like ‘Rancid Harmony’ simply leave you feeling dirty. This powerhouse three piece devastated their way across a brutal set that pushed and pulled on you with each and every thrash of the guitar.

A flawless nights entertainment ensure that the Belfast Metal scene is in very good hands, another fine production put on by Shizznigh Productions and executed perfectly by all involved. These guys can only go from strength to strength.


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