The Crawling // Neamhni // “Anatomy of Loss” Cassette Launch Show // The Limelight // Belfast

Friday 10th of December has come around all too quickly, we are back at the Limelight, Belfast once again to celebrate an anniversary of sorts, and for sure get our asses out of the Covid chaos that has plagued us for the last 18th months or more. 

Forgetting how the world works in December I arrive down at 7 pm 30 mins before the support band hit the stage, Saul Goodman, no … Christmas markets, gigs in various venues locally, Christmas shoppers & work parties, and the club nest door hosting a student night means I am driving my ass around for at least 30 minutes before I get parked and into the fecking venue!

Rant over, by the time I land in Neamhni, have kicked off their set, a sizeable crowd is here which is always great to see, especially as they here specifically supporting two local bands and that is always appreciated. Neamhni are an Irish Black Metal band, as black as yer boot! Warpaint in place they got stuck into a savage and visceral set. Dark hefty songwriting, guttural vocals and the pummeling double bass of the drums reverberate through your body and remind you, you’re alive. 

The guys have been grafting for years now laying down a foundation and building a hefty reputation and dedicated following on the local scene, a recent shift in the band with Vocalist Eddie stepping down means guitarist Peter steps upfront and bassist Mike both kick In on that front. So all change but the guys handle it well and lay down a powerful performance to remind the Belfast crow what they have been missing. A short and sweet set goes down well with the Limelight faithful and Neamhni get shown the crowds appreciation as they exit the stage.

A brief interlude as the girls from The Crawling set things up allows us to catch our breath and chew the fat with friends in the crowd before the lights drop once again for tonight’s main event. 

The Crawling are back once again, after what feels like a lifetime we caught the guys at Bloodstock over the summer where they decimated the Sophie Lancaster stage pyro and all, so what is in for tonight? Tonight’s show is for the “Anatomy of Loss” Cassette Launch Show an anniversary of sorts (if you want to look at it that way) of their 2017 release on Grindscene Records, but really an opportunity to get back on stage at home and to some kind of normality once again, personally I am waiting till this live show comes out on Betamax in 2031 as that will be the one for collectors amongst us! Only 3650 sleeps to go!

The guys are clearly up for it as the lights drop and the narration of the backing track kicks in, the crowd moves forward and the arms are in the air thumping along the opening track ‘An Immaculate Deception’. The album itself is only seven tracks long and the guys rip their way across their seminal recording as the crowd laps it up track by track, for a more in-depth breakdown into the album itself Andy done a series of videos talking about the album’s inception and beyond, check it out over at their FB Page:

As I mentioned before the album itself weighs in at only 7 tracks but it does run around the 45-minute mark, clearly Andy & co. Didn’t get the memo for the under 3 minutes for a radio track, but sure every day is a school day. The boys throw in an additional few tracks to close the evening off and the crowd soak it up every last drop of that Death/Doom nastiness. As the set comes to a close the energy in the room is palpable as the descending hordes give their approval, no doubt absolutely fucked after close to two years absence from the live scene in any kind of normality, the guys gave it their all and the Limelight gave it all back. 

Set your alarms for the Betamax release, it’s gonna be epic!


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