The Cranberries - In The End - Album Review
The Cranberries - In The End - Album Review 8.5
The Cranberries - In The End - Album Review 8.5
The Cranberries - In The End - Album Review 8.5
The Cranberries - In The End - Album Review 8.5
The Cranberries - In The End - Album Review 8.5
8.5Overall Score
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The music world mourned the loss of Cranberries vocalist Dolores O’Riordan when she passed back in 2018, and there is no more fitting way to honor the life and legacy left by Dolores by releasing their 8th and Final studio recording In The End.

Eleven tracks with that signature Cranberries sound that O’Riordan’s vocals made her own, enveloping its listener is waves of mesmerizing melodic wonderment that carry the emotive and evocative songwriting at its core. Songs like ‘Lost’ on its very first listen make you sit up and take notice with its dark intense stirring hook. Whilst ‘Wake Me When Its Over’ is more reminiscent of their earlier work, guitar infused chunky sing-along choruses that grip you from the off. ‘A Place I Know’ showcases the softer side of the band and Dolores vocal delivery, which made her such a fan favorite. ‘Catch Me If You Can’ with its haunting opening highlights the bands writing qualities with intricate layers across the track that make it an immersive experience.

The album is packed with highly engaging tracks that peak your interest again and again, keeping you intrigued and engrossed by the multifaceted band. It is fitting indeed that both O’Riordan and The Cranberries both bow out on such a high; In The End will sit comfortably beside their body of work as a first class quality recording. As an artist and a band The Cranberries brought worldwide recognition to yet another Irish band and with it the love and respect of an Island who prides itself on its local talent.

The Irish music industry will forever be grateful for the mark both Dolores and The Cranberries made together as a band, and with In The End such a legacy is both continued and solidified with a beautiful recording.

Codladh sámh



In The End is out April 26th Via BMG


All Over Now


Wake Me When Its Over

A Place I Know

Catch Me If You Can

Got It


Crazy Heart

Summer Song

The Pressure

In The End

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