The Coronas // True Love Waits // Album Review
The Coronas // True Love Waits // Album Review 10
The Coronas // True Love Waits // Album Review 10
The Coronas // True Love Waits // Album Review 10
The Coronas // True Love Waits // Album Review 10
The Coronas // True Love Waits // Album Review 10
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Irish Alt-Rock outfit The Coronas return with their highly anticipated offering True Love Waits. The Coronas have been on an epic journey, a thirteen-year journey to date that has seen them propelled to the being regarded as one of Irelands finest bands, highly revered within their native Ireland they were about to take their signature sound further afield until 2020 went downhill. 

Thankfully whilst the live side of the industry has come to a standstill we still have artists such as The Coronas putting out new music to keep the hungry fan-base happy. The album kicks off with its self-titled track and immediately you get a feel for what The Coronas are all about, emotive multi-layered recordings that resonate right way and beautiful melodies all wrapped up in glorious hooks that you are going to be warbling along within no time. With five studio albums under their belt, the guys have been honing their craft for over a decade now and it shows, the quality is dripping from this recording, the anthemic opener as it builds to a crescendo sets the stall nicely. 

The quartet recently became a trio, and of course brought about a period of reflection which in turn helped translate that into a more focused contemplative recording. All of their charms are still there, the signature sound that brought about their success has now been ingrained in their DNA and The Coronas are only going one way. Of course, 2020 has sucked big time and many a band and artist will have challenges ahead, but when you are as rich in quality and talent as these guys you last the distance. 

A special guest spot by Gabrielle Alpin on ‘Lost In The Thick Of It’ add’s a little “Je ne sais quoi” but by no means is out of place here as the quality of the album shines through from the first song to the very last. There is a beautiful consistency across it that allows it to wrap you up in the warm blanket of melodic beauties and emotive songwriting that will stay with you throughout. 

A beautiful album from start to finish, True Love Waits in a classic in the making and will no doubt strengthen the reputation of this stellar Irish band even further. 

True Love Waits is available everywhere Friday, July 31st via So Far So Good Records. 


True Love Waits Tracklisting

  • True Love Waits  4:29
    Never Ending (On Your Side) 3:38
    Lost in The Thick of It The Coronas · Gabrielle Aplin 3:34
    I Think We Jinxed It The Coronas 4:14
    Haunted 3:43
    Cold 4:18
    Brave 4:07
    Heat of The Moment 3:28
    Find The Water 3:29
    Need Your Presence 3:30
    Light Me Up 3:33
    LA at Night


Album release July 31st 2020

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