The Contortionist - Our Bones - Album Review
The Contortionist - Our Bones - Album Review 8
The Contortionist - Our Bones - Album Review 8
The Contortionist - Our Bones - Album Review 8
The Contortionist - Our Bones - Album Review 8
The Contortionist - Our Bones - Album Review 8
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After their formation in 2007, The Contortionist proved to the world that they were masters of adventurous and experimental prog-metal. After 4 albums, the band have developed an incredibly unique sound that is always changing, growing, evolving. 
With their new EP, Our Bones,the band moves away from their atmospheric storytelling that was found across their 2017 release Clairvoyant for a much darker, heavier andaggressive sound.

The opening song of the 4-track EP ‘Follow’ brings in an incredibly wide range of sounds, from much heavier instrumentals and vocals all the way to modern-era TOOL inspired riffs. 
The EP’s single ‘Early Grave’manages to keep the wide soundscapes and unique musicianship while also being a much more mainstream sounding track, as well as the best vocal performance on the release.

All Greyis the shortest track on the entire release, coming in at only two minutes long, works as a break from the more aggressive tracks before and leads well to the final track ‘1979’. This track stands out the most for me on the entire release due to the almost Midwest Emo sounding guitar and vocals that carry the track along its entire 4 minute 30 run time.

Despite this release being a step back from the sound many listeners may have come to expect,Our Bonesis still The Contortionist at its core, while having elements of the bands influences across the tracks, nothing feels like it doesn’t belong, every moment on across the EP feels purposeful. To top it off, this is easily The Contortionists most accessible release due to there being something for everyone here, from the Prog fans to those who loved late 90’s nu-metal and early 2000’s Metalcore. If I had one complaint about the release, it would just be that I wish it was longer.

Our Bones is released August 9th Via Entertainment One






Early Grave

All Grey


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