The Color Blew release new album Light Switch

Light Switch is the second album from Johannesburg based rock outfit The Color Blew, representing depth and insight in a sea of over-produced, shallow, commercial music. They provide the “alternative” where talent and passion merge with meaning and sound – a place free from preconceived notions of how music should sound.

” This has been the realest piece of musical art I have ever been involved with, it’s the story of our stories over the last couple of years while balancing band, work, life… I am beyond proud” comments vocalist and guitarist Liaan Horton.

Bassist Marius Cronje adds, “This album has something for everyone. It is all true and honest music and I think that everyone will find at least one song they can relate to. Light Switch is something new and unique and we are really proud of how the album came out. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Their music could be considered alternative rock, but there are many more nuances. The core sound is heavily coloured by grunge and punk which can be found on their debut album: “The Canvas” (2018). The new album retains these elements but also brings in the bright hues of jazz, rap, acoustic rock and African beats, blended with meaningful lyrics.  All in all, The Color Blew strive to create an evolving, distinctive sound on the vast canvas of South African music.

Light Switch is available now on all digital platforms including
Spotify Apple Music  Deezer

Track Listing
1. Incandescent
3.The Man
4.Dance Dance Dance
5.African Sky
6.Emancipation Song
7.These Things
8.Promise Me You Won’t Go Alone
9.Black Dog
10.This Is How We Say Goodbye


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