Release Highly Anticipated New Album
Out Now, Listen Here
Album Already Has 500k Spotify Streams
Has Launched At #1 On Amazon’s Best Selling Hard Rock Chart
 “By far my favorite new musical discovery of 2019” 
– Joe Bonamassa
Friday October 18th 2019 – Heavy Blues two-piece and Joe Bonamassa’s ‘favorite new musical discovery of 2019’ -THE COLD STARES, have released their highly anticipated new album ‘WAYS’ today. With a staggering 500k Spotify album streams already, WAYS has already hit #1 best seller on Amazon’s Hard Rock Best Sellers list and show no signs of slowing down. You can find the album on your streaming platform of choice here.
"Any Way the Wind Blows" by The Cold Stares
WATCH: Official Music Video for ‘Any Way The Wind Blows’
The Cold Stares
‘WAYS’ Tracklisting
  1. Any Way the Wind Blows
  2. Ways
  3. Into Black
  4. Thorns
  5. White Girl
  6. Down Again
  7. I Was a Fool
  8. Angeline
  9. Going Down Easy
  10. I Ain’t The One
  11. Headstone Blues
  12. Might As Well Die
  13. Jackson Mississippi
Recorded at legendary Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis, ‘WAYS’ is a culmination of the various influences that make up the band’s unique sound. ‘WAYS’ is made up of 3 different EPs, WAYS Black, WAYS White and WAYS Blue. Speaking on this unique way of putting an album together, frontman and guitarist, Chris Tapp says
“I thought it might be cool to construct the 12 songs for the record as 3 separate EP’s or collections of songs that basically were from the 3 areas of inspiration for the band. One, hard rock. Two, the blues. Three, country, western and folk ballads. Three different “WAYS” if you will. So I wrote the songs in groups separately, each with their own mindsets as separate pieces that could stand on their own, but also in the end combine into a 12 song album.”
The album was recorded at legendary Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis where many musical legends such as Johnny Cash, BB King, Howlin Wolf and Elvis Presley created rock n roll history. Speaking on this choice of studio and the experience of recording on such hallowed ground, Tapp adds
“Sam Phillips studio in Memphis was on my radar for the blues EP, but when I started to really research the albums that had been made there we found that it was the one studio where really all three of our influences had really been recorded there. One thing we didn’t take into consideration was that making a record using a vintage based studio with great analog gear also meant us dealing with 70 year old equipment which can be temperamental to say the least. What started out as a few days ended up being over a month of back and forth trips to Memphis to complete the album.
‘We cut all the tracks live in the same room our heroes like Jerry Lee Lewis, Howling Wolf and Bob Dylan had. I sang on Wolf’s old microphone, and we sat at Sam’s desk upstairs and made revisions in the same chair Elvis sat in. We made an honest blue collar rock and roll record with a tip of the hat to our heroes, and hopefully left another memory in those walls.”
‘WAYS’ has already received nearly 500,000 streams on Spotify. Two of the tracks released from the album so far have been chosen as “Track of the Week” in the UK’s Classic Rock Magazine. So far, tracks from the album have had over 20 major playlist adds across streaming platforms including Spotify’s ‘All New Rock’, ‘Southern Comfort’ and ‘Nu-Blue’, Apple Music’s ‘Breaking Rock’ and Deezer’s ‘La Grange: Blues Guitar Heroes’ and ‘Hot New Rock’ .
Formed in 2012 after the duo had spent a number of years in other bands, Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins got together initially just to jam. No preconceived notions on what the project should be. The result is a hard rocking, story-based brand of rock and roll that is sung from the soul. Chris’ unique guitar rig along with Mullin’s giant bass drum provides a vast and robust sonic highway for the two to travel that truly sets them apart from other acts. It is genuinely astonishing that a two-piece can create the layers and depth found in the music made by THE COLD STARES. Speaking on his first live experience of the band, Nashville radio personality Dan Buckley says “The first time I saw them, I thought they had at least two other musicians secretly behind the curtain. There’s just no way that sound comes from the two of them.”
THE COLD STARES have had tracks featured by Dodge Motor Company, ESPN, NFL, X-Games, TNT Network and Monster Energy and are endorsed by PRS Guitars.
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