The Cartographer // The Cold Black EP // EP Review


As we progress through the tenth year of The Cartographer – the Derby-based five-piece is about to release the follow-up to the 2021 EP Mind Atlas.

Looking to build on the experiences of playing UK Tech-Fest in 2018 and MacMillian Fest along with supporting bands such as Loathe, Skies In Motion and King 810 before they head back to the final episode of UK Tech-fest in its current guise and then heading out on a co-headline tour with Glass Grave in November.

For this EP they have taken a view of the current worldwide situation, the rise of people experiencing mental health difficulties whilst maintaining the root subjects of self-hate, depression and the fallout from the breakdown of trust.

The EP itself lasts approximately 16 minutes and spans across 5 tracks of some thoroughly dangerous Djent-inspired extreme metal. Combining stunning chugging riffs with that distorted tone and then the odd breakdown – you have everything you need to cause some serious damage to anything in touching distance.

From the start to the end – this is a blistering example of how crippling the force of music can be and there is little let up in the intensity so make sure you are stretched out before pressing play.

What is clear is that the band have honed their craft in the ten years that they have been together and the result is something that needs to reach beyond the realm of an independent release. That is not meant disrespectfully to the independent bands – but this needs to reach as far as possible as there are so many people that will get to hear music that is nowhere near this level.

I kind of feel a little disappointed that I haven’t been aware of The Cartographer and will be delving into the back catalogue as well as keeping an eye on what is to come from them as this is the kind of music you can just throw down and lose your shit to.

Having been through a pretty shitty time recently – this is the exact thing that I need. Something to scream, shout and thrash about to as I express my demons along with others that are expressing their own.

It you are a fan of Metallic Hardcore, Djent, Deathcore or anything else in that arena, please give this the attention it deserves.

The Cold Black EP will be released Friday 30th June 2023 independently.


Ed Ford





  1. Deathbed
  2. Misery System
  3. Fiend
  4. Red Tape
  5. Vices


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