The Cadillac Three // Country Fuzz // Album Review
The Cadillac Three // Country Fuzz // Album Review9
The Cadillac Three // Country Fuzz // Album Review9
The Cadillac Three // Country Fuzz // Album Review9
The Cadillac Three // Country Fuzz // Album Review9
The Cadillac Three // Country Fuzz // Album Review9
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Ever since their debut album The Cadillac Three, in 2012 the band of the same name has gone from strength to strength with their blend of Southern Rock with Hard Rock as they three-piece create toe-tapping, whiskey-swilling anthems. The 2016 release Bury Me in My Boots continued the increased popularity with 2017s Legacy swiftly following that and now we have Country Fuzz as the latest release by the rednecks. Mixed in with the releases have been some incredible live shows, including Download Festival, playing with Black Stone Cherry on their UK tour and headlining their own US tour.   

If you haven’t experienced The Cadillac Three before, get your rocking chair out onto the porch and get ready for a good old’ time as the Blues and Country fusion takes center stage and sounds mighty fine.

From the start of Country Fuzz the band have continued to grow and follow where they want their music to take them as them weave toward more heavy rock with the filthy blues sounds on tracks like ‘Slow Rollin’ and then we head more to a fun-loving sound with tracks such as ‘Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys’.

The Nashville trio transports you to their homeland with their incredible sound and this 16 track album could double as an advert from the Tourist Board as to why to visit the location as we are treated to what feels like a soundtrack to the Tennessee center of Southern Rock and Blues.

‘Whiskey and Smoke’ come along toward the end of the album and by now you will be donning your boots and chewing on some tobacco as you top up your glass and carry on dancing and singing along with this incredible band.

Country Fuzz is from start to finish one of the finest Southern Rock and Blues albums you will hear this year. It continues the growth of the band and is their finest work to date as they have allowed their creativity to flow wherever is feels, whilst still maintaining their Southern sound and staying true to their roots. In some ways, they have gone deeper into the South and it’s a wonderful place to be.

This fully deserves to be in many best of 2020 lists and pushes the band to the next level, which also leaves a lot of other similar bands in their wake.

Ed Ford

Country Fuzz is released on February 7th 2020 via Big Machine Records.

Track List

1. Bar Round Here
2. The Jam
3. Hard Out Here For A Country Boy (featuring Chris Jason and Travis Tritt)
4. Slow Rollin’
5. All The Makin’s Of A Saturday Night
6. Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys
7. Labels
8. Raise Hell
9. Back Home
10. Dirt Road Nights
11. Blue El Camino
12. Jack Daniels’ Heart
13. Why Ya Gotta Go Out Like That
14. Heat
15. Whiskey And Smoke
16. Long After Last Call


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