The Blues Pills // Holy Moly! // Album Review
The Blues Pills // Holy Moly! // Album Review 10
The Blues Pills // Holy Moly! // Album Review 10
The Blues Pills // Holy Moly! // Album Review 10
The Blues Pills // Holy Moly! // Album Review 10
The Blues Pills // Holy Moly! // Album Review 10
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They’re back! The Blues Pills have returned with their latest offering Holy Moly! And have picked up where they last left off, with yet another stunning collection of bitchin’ classic sounding tracks that so are classy they are off the scale!

Frontwoman Elin Larsson right form the off steals the show with the album’s opener ‘Proud Woman’ which just grabs you by the throat and does not let go, my first introduction to the Blues Pills was via UK Rock trio Raveneye who were to play locally and after Elin’s voice was struggling with the fast-paced tour schedule, the date was postponed, eventually I got to catch Elin and co in action and they did not disappoint. Their energy and stage presence was stellar and you can just imagine these same tracks being belted out by Elin live and the band lashing at the furious pace of the tracks like ‘Low Road’ with its frantic tempo and gloriously busy backbone.

100 miles an hour they attack your senses delivering these beautifully poised tracks the only way they know-how, with all the intensity and passion of their live performances. The Blues Pills really do have their sound and vibe nailed down, their first album without guitarist Dorian Sorriaux you wondered if there would be a departure at all but it seems to have reinforced and solidified their signature sound. Tighter and even more savage than before this album seems like a rebirth of sorts and a newer fresher sounding band that has taken it to another level. 

Production has been stepped up too, previously I would have said that previous Blues Pills albums sounded a tad homemade, in keeping with their ethereal vibe but the clarity of this recording just allows you to totally envelope yourself in the quality of this band, the musicianship going on is mind-blowing, and deservedly so as it just has to be appreciated. 

A young band with old souls, The Blues Pills are a stellar act, from the Awesome Sauce Elin Larsson who just is a magnetic frontwoman to the killer backline that make the magic come to life song after song this band really is something special!

Holy Moly! Indeed! Blues Pills 2.0 arrives this coming Friday, August 21st 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records. Get down, get dirty this album is killer!



  1. Proud Woman 3:34
    2. Low Road 3:17
    3. Dreaming My Life Away 2:43
    4. California 3:10
    5. Rhythm In The Blood 3:49
    6. Dust 3:50
    7. Kiss My Past Goodbye 3:01
    8. Wish I’d Known 4:27
    9. Bye Bye Birdie 4:03
    10. Song From A Mourning Dove 5:34 
  2. 11. Longest Lasting Friend 3:56





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