The Black Dahlia Murder // Verminous // Album Review
The Black Dahlia Murder // Verminous // Album Review10
The Black Dahlia Murder // Verminous // Album Review10
The Black Dahlia Murder // Verminous // Album Review10
The Black Dahlia Murder // Verminous // Album Review10
The Black Dahlia Murder // Verminous // Album Review10
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Formed in 2001, The Black Dahlia Murder released their Debut EP What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse and then in 2003 were signed to Metal Blade Records and then the debut album Unhallowed followed. 2005 saw the release of Miasma and 2007 was the turn of Nocturnal. Changes to the bands line up had already begun by this point and continued before the 2009 release of Deflorate and again for 2011 released of Ritual, along with the 2013 release of Everblack. The seventh studio album, Abysmal was released 2015 and following a further change in the line-up, Nightbringers was released in 2017, bringing us up to date with the ninth studio album Verminous.

Vocalist Trevor Strnad has stated that this offering “is the biggest evolutionary leap we’ve ever taken from one album to the next” and as soon as the album begins you can feel a slight shift in the sound, with the title track from the album leading from the front. This is The Black Dahlia Murder with a little extra groove to match their unique Melodic Death Metal sound. It almost feels like the band had a lot of fun creating this album and it comes through with the recording. We still have the extreme guitars the blistering drums and the instantly recognizable vocal of Strnad, however there feels like there is a little bit of bounce to the proceeding as well.

This continues through the album as the band continues to produce the audible equivalence of a horror movie along with the dark and disturbing topics that make many a cult film however for some reason offend music fans.

The 10 track album flies through its 36 minutes as this tweaked sound really engages you and grips you from the start, with each instrument taking center stage at some point, the bass creates a rumbling, the drums a perfect beat along with an assault at times, the guitars slice and slashes and the vocal tears away as Verminous crushes everything in its path.

The Black Dahlia Murder may have slightly changed their path, however, do not think that this has lessened how good the music the band create is. If anything, for me this is the best that they have created and is everything that you could want from a Death Metal release. Verminous will chew you up, shit you out and then have you asking for the same again. It is a true triumph and I hope to hear some of the tracks at Bloodstock this year (covid 19 allowing)

Ed Ford


Verminous is released April 17th 2020 via Metal Blade Records.


Track List

  1. Verminous
  2. Godlessly
  3. Removal of the Oaken Stake
  4. Child of Night
  5. Sunless Empire
  6. The Leather Apron’s Scorn
  7. How Very Dead
  8. The Wereworm’s Feast
  9. A Womb in Dark Chrysalis (Interlude)
  10. Dawn of Rats



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