The Bambies Unveil Title Track From Upcoming LP On Spaghetty Town Records

The Bambies Unveil Title Track From Upcoming LP
The Bambies recently announced their debut LP, Summer Soon, and today the band is unveiling the title track from the album. You can stream it below, as well as download/stream the album for review purposes….
“Summer is always a blast for folks in Quebec. That feeling at the end of winter when the sun is out, the snow is melting and last season’s accumulated garbage appears below! It’s a promise for better days. The feeling is wonderful.” reflects Sami Stern from the band, adding “Jamie from Pale Lips/Reta suggested we use this as the name for our LP, and Jamie only ever has good ideas. She is brilliant.”
Bambies are a trio hailing from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. They are a trilingual, tri-national (Canada,France, Costa Rica) band of miscreants that have been crafting a flavour of punk rock with a rawness that is straight out of the garage. Their music is gritty yet poppy, mischievous but charming, infectious, danceable, and above all, fun. The alchemy behind Bambies’ sound starts with a base inspiration of 70s punk and Ramones-core, throw in a good dose of power-pop with the sunny side up, liberally season with handfuls of garage rock, sprinkle with rock and roll guitar licks, finally top off with a swirl of surf music.
Bambies began when Sami (guitar, main vox) answered Feli’s (Bass, backing vox) Craigslist ad looking to start a band. They practised off of a handful of home demos recorded by Sami, playing a doo-wop inspired, fuzzed-out, garage rock. In mid-2015 Franki (drums, backing vox) joined the boys. He brought speed and a demoniacal cadence to Sami’s catchy melodies. Sewn together by Feli’s guttural bass sound, they dialled up the punk and added more pop into the fire.
After honing their style, they self-released a cassette that brought them to the attention of Jamie from the Pale Lips, who released their first 7″ Red Guitar on her label Reta Records in the fall of 2019. After that, they travelled to Mexico City to record their first full-length album with Diego Mier from the psychedelic band Build a Vista. The global pandemic put a pause on their plans for dominating the airwaves. However, this summer they are proud to finally bring you Summer Soon, out August 20th via Spaghetty Town Records in the US and Wanda Records in Europe.
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