The Bae Beach Club Debut New Song “A Place Of Our Own”

“The Bae Beach Club brings a theme song that serves as a testament to endless summers to make spring a little more tolerable.”- Impose

“The Bae Beach Club has dropped an indie rock song that transports you to a peaceful island somewhere far away.”- Idobi

“All Day” is the kind of crisp Summer chantey that begs to be heard with your toes buried in the sand, the warm glow of the Sun reminding you how good it can feel to live in the outside world, and is about as refreshing as an ice-cold drink in the scorching ninety-degree weather.”- Substream Magazine

The Bae Beach Club photo credit Brandon Broccolo stillbeforethestorm

St. Catharines, Ontario indie rock group The Bae Beach Club have dropped a new song off their upcoming ‘Our Escape’ EP.

Check out “A Place Of Our Own” here:

The Bae Beach Club plays songs about daydreaming, the sun, and love. Their ultra-smooth guitar licks and catchy bass lines are sure to provide a quick escape route to an intrinsic beachy dreamland.

The band traveled by train from Toronto, ON to Vancouver, BC to record their soon to be released ‘Our Escape’ EP at Monarch Studios with Tom Dobrzanski, performing as “Artists on Board” the VIA Rail Canada

“A Place of Our Own is about finding a truly authentic love. Its about forgetting social media and the very superficial ideas we have about what love should look like and how much money we should spend to make it appear genuine. Its about wanting to be with a person regardless of any condition. “A Place of Our Own” isn’t necessarily referring to a physical location, but rather a mental state of complete content.”- The Bae Beach Club

‘Our Escape’ will be released on May 18.

the bae beach club a place of our own cover

Upcoming shows:

Our Escape release show @ Warehouse (St. Catharines, ON) – May 19th

My Son the Hurricane @ Warehouse (St. Catharines, ON) – June 9th




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