MOJO Magazine “This London-based three-piece’s rumination on distance, remorse and the question “how could I be so cruel?” is agonised and haunting… boasts piano, close harmonies and Gilmour-like guitars.”

The Arthur Brothers; an artistic alliance centered around the biological brothers Matt and Danny Arthur and the producer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist J. C. Wright.

After the releases of ‘Ninth’ and ‘Flawless’, tracks that demonstrated the darker, brooding side of the band, The Arthur Brothers will release ‘Violet Hum’ on March 1st via ClearLight Records/Declared Goods.

A rollicking musical collage that seductively takes you on a journey through mad unexpected scene changes. Beginning with a 1930’s wireless parlour sound which transitions quickly through 70s nonchalant pop, sun drenched Beach Boys-esque a cappella vocal bridges, Welsh colliers choir breaks, a calypso beach party scene, and even a ‘The Who – Sellout’ style radio ad break.

It features a horn section that included trombone and trumpet from Tim Hart and Pablo Mendelssohn (member of The Specials horn section and the Book of Mormons House Band) and a string section led by violinist Sarah Anderson (Chrome Hoof, Deep Throat Choir).The eccentric, eclectic nature of this musical collage of a song is brilliantly manifested in the award winning animated music video by Tribambuka (Anastasia Beltyukova) who used a mixture of different techniques and styles to take the viewer on a crazy journey with the brothers through strange and whimsical worlds on the back of a grumpy fish to messy abstract subconscious states of mind, where chaos and cosmos collide.

The video has been recognized at a number of international film festivals:

Best Music Video

  • Feel The Reel International Film Festival 2018, Glasgow, UK
  • International Animated Film Festival ReAnima 2018, Bergen, Norway

Best Video Clip

  • San Jose International Film Awards 2018, Costa Rica

Honorable Mention

  • Hollywood Independent Filmmakers Awards and Festival 2018, USA

Official Selection:


  • Rome Independent Prisma Films Awards 2018, Italy
  • Short To The Point 2018, Romania
  • Moscow Shorts International Film Festival July 2018, Russia
  • London Shorts Series Festival 2018, UK
  • Jelly International Film Festival 2018, Los Angeles, USA
  • Toronto Vanguard 2018, Canada
  • Lift Off Global Network London 2018, UK
  • Porto Femme International Film Festival 2019, Portugal
  • International Animation Film Festival Golden Kuker-Sofia 2019, Bulgaria

‘Violet Hum’ is a song with a bad (or good!) case of schizophrenia.


  • DANSENDE BEREN – “Sounds both dark and hopeful… cold pianos and voices that hypnotise you will do the rest”
  • INDIE BUDDIE – ‘Ninth is a multi-faceted weaving prism of dark chilling mystery… [with] a tribal drum foundation, western-esque guitars, icy keys… The catchy chant-like chorus stomps its way into your brain… It’s a cinematic track that will have you thumping your chest”
  • AMERICAN PANCAKE – “Feels like poised art rock with intimate sounds that erupt into something big and dramatic. With tom tom drums evoking something in between operatic rock and almost tribal punk vibes you can feel the ghost of goth rock bands like Tears For Fears or the world beat sounds of Peter Gabriel”
  • THE GIRL AT THE ROCK SHOW – “tenebrous rumbling, tinkling pianos, thunderous tribal drumming, and mantra-like vocals offer us a massive production of a great moving song”
  • XS NOIZE: TRACK OF THE DAY – “Imagine distant echoes of Ennio Morricone, Peter Gabriel, Tears For Fears and The Velvet Underground holed-up in a prospector’s mineshaft in space, digging for gold”
  • SON OF MARKETING“shows a great sound tension building, with rough lines and a growing intensity…. is about the complexities of broken love and human fallibility”
  • BEEHIVE CANDY“There is something quite expansive and dramatic about ‘Flawless’… The Arthur Brothers create an imaginative atmosphere with stirring harmonies, mysterious vocals and a powerful soundtrack”


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