The Amblers Release New Live Studio Album – Live At High Seas

The Amblers release new live studio album Live At High Seas
(Photographer – Jacques Schutte)
The Amblers release their long-awaited live studio ep, Live at High Seas today. A blistering live collection of the bands minimalist blues-rock style. Fuzzed-out guitar lines, and austere drum-work frame the bands skeletal, high energy, balls-to-the-wall rock and roll foundation. Distorted, quiet, fuzzy, and thunderous the amblers effortlessly juxtapose between these counterpoints as frontman and guitarist Justin Swart spits out crooning, almost ethereal, and at times, distorted vocal lines atop Jason Hinch’s Bonham’esque drum attack.

“Recorded in June last year (2021), Live at High Seas is characteristic of just how we like to do things. Public life had pretty much ceased, we wanted to play for an audience, for you. So, we jumped at the opportunity to record a live album, satisfying all the areas lacking at the time. We really hope our fans enjoy it.” – Justin Swart

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The grit, the grime, the sweat on the walls, the blood on the instruments and callouses on the fingers and hands. Any rock & roll band that’s put the valuable time into fleshing their sound and creating personal chemistry from the garage to the streets wears this badge with pride, and The Amblers have clearly walked this hallowed path. This is a band seemingly born in the past with a keen eye on the future.

Justin Swart (guitar/vocals) and Jason Hinch (drums) are a South African pair that give previous power duos a run for their money in the bluesy/fuzzed-out, minimalist rock department. Unlike, say, the White Stripes, however, these fellas mesh a swinging Yardbirds-meets-Raconteur’s vibe (complete with large Stooges cojones) with a folk-induced mind-set that makes for a more cerebral listen whilst still rocking out completely, stripped of any bloated clutter.
The Amblers are set to be your next favourite band, one that will burn through the electrical crackle of the airwaves and land squarely in your psyche.

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