THE ALLIGATOR WINE – are in the studio recording their debut album

Vintage rock duo THE ALLIGATOR WINE have returned to Kohlekeller Studios to start tracking their debut album with their producer Kristian “Kohle” Bonifer. Make sure to follow the band on their social networks to get frequent updates on their work in the studio.

Rob Vitacca (Vocals, Organ, Synthesizer) is thrilled to work on their first full length: “We’re digging deeper into everything we have done in the past. More catchy grooves, more psychedelic experiments, more soundscapes. We have been inspired by a lot of weird Krautrock lately and have gathered a lot of crazy vintage instruments to make our debut album sound special and to give every song the sound it deserves. So get ready for the new sound of the reptile very soon!”

Check out the three video clips the band released taken from their EP “The Flying Carousel”:

“The Flying Carousel (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”
“Dream Eyed Little Girl (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”
“Drunk On My Skin (Live in Frankfurt)”

You can order “The Flying Carousel” HERE!

Vintage Rock without guitars? THE ALLIGATOR WINE make it happen. With sounds that bridge decades while keeping a modern feel, THE ALLIGATOR WINE throw you into a fresh and danceable mix of psychedelic moog sounds, distorted organs and thick synth basses.

The electronic soundscapes that the band explores throughout their “The Flying Carousel”-EP were strictly created with analogue equipment that notably features an illuminated Leslie speaker as a centerpiece on stage and in the studio. Their unique approach leads to an incredibly organic sounding experience that combines classic instruments with modern songwriting.

Thomas Teufel: Drums, Vocals, Percussion
Rob Vitacca: Vocals, Organ, Synthesizer



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