The Acacia Strain // Slow Decay // Album Review
The Acacia Strain // Slow Decay // Album Review10
The Acacia Strain // Slow Decay // Album Review10
The Acacia Strain // Slow Decay // Album Review10
The Acacia Strain // Slow Decay // Album Review10
The Acacia Strain // Slow Decay // Album Review10
10Overall Score
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Within the realm of Metal, The Acacia Strain has been one of the most consistent bands in terms of sheer quality and ability since their debut. Now we have their return rearing its head within their latest album Slow Decay. 

From the moment the opening track Feed a Pidgeon, Breed a Rat the level of aggression that will be found across the album is obvious. Following on we have Crippling Poison which brings in elements of Beatdown that create an ungodly groove you can’t help but move to. Up next is my favorite track of the entire album with Seeing God featuring Arron Heard of Jesus Peace. The track is just a pure Modern-Hardcore anthem that screams to be blasted loud enough your entire postcode can hear it.

From this point, we have just a track by track onslaught that hardcore fans will love. Be it the more Doom inspired tracks like Solace and Serenity or the blood pumping Beatdown structure found within The Lucid Dream (which features a fantastic performance by Jess Nyx of Mortality Rate) which carries on across the entire twelve-track album. Further standouts on the album for me are Chhinnamasta with the catchiest riff on the entire album for me and One Thousand Painful Stings with its mild use of elements of Djent-Doom.

Finally, the closing track EARTH WILL BECOME DEATH leans fully into the realm of Doom Metal with incredibly slow, groovy riffs and drums that make your very bones shake and can only be described as pure filth in the best way possible. I also appreciate the more ambient guitar work done within the track that builds a fantastic atmosphere before entering the heaviest breakdown I’ve heard this year.

All in all, The Acacia Strain have created a fantastic album with Slow Decay. With pounding drums, groove-filled bass and insane riffs all tied together by an insanely tight vocal performance across every track there isn’t a single moment of the album that didn’t have my full undivided attention. Slow Decay is a pure masterclass in how to make a Hardcore album.


Slow Decay / Rise Records / 24 July 2020


Daniel Stapleton



Feed A Pigeon Breed A Rat
Crippling Poison*
Seeing God (Feat. Aaron Heard)
Solace and Serenity
The Lucid Dream (Feat. Jess Nyx)
I breathed in the smoke deeply it tasted like death and I smiled (Feat. Zach Hatfield)
Inverted Person
One Thousand Painful Stings (Feat. Courtney LaPlante)
Birds of Paradise, Birds of Prey*
*Previously unreleased





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