THE 1975 // ’Notes On A Conditional Form’ // Album Review

The 1975 return with their fourth studio album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ released today brings the latest flavor from this highly addictive and musically challenging band. The 1975 have been on a journey since then hit our airwaves, dropping instant classics and experiencing huge mainstream success whilst doing it their way, uncompromising and individual, they have somehow managed to bring their message to the masses without ever selling out. 

’Notes On A Conditional Form’ yet again sees the guys stretch their legs without fear with an album listing some twenty-two recordings, some being musical interludes in-between the main attraction or monologues to inspire and let you catch your breath. When the music kicks in you get that signature sound, quirky, multi-layered, and multi-faceted songs that you can lose yourself in. As always beautifully produced to let you absorb these masterful intricate and delicate recordings, the vocal delivery as ever on point is mesmerizing over the backdrop of the rest of the band’s finely placed melodies. 

The albums opening song ‘People’ immediately is a bit of a screamer and demands your attention whereas the other recordings on the album ebb and flow beautifully and allow you to take them in at your own pace, you’ll get into your comfort zone in no time with ’Notes On A Conditional Form’ and find yourself singing along in no time. There are especially some really beautiful and delicate ballads, singer/songwriter tracks that take your breath away like Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America which allows you an insight into just how good the days ahead could be with The 1975.

As fully expected ’Notes On A Conditional Form’ is not just an extension of what proceeded before with the previous three albums, but a further indication of the growth, development, and maturity of The 1975 and how they could be one of the great bands of their generation. 

’Notes On A Conditional Form’ is out today and available via all purveyors of fine music. 



01 “The 1975″

02 “People”

03 “The End (Music For Cars)”

04 “Frail State of Mind”

05 “Streaming”

06 “The Birthday Party”

07 “Yeah I Know”

08 “Then Because She Goes”

09 “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America”

10 “Roadkill”

11 “Me & You Together Song”

12 “I Think There’s Something You Should Know”

13 “Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied”

14 “Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)”

15 “Shiny Collarbone”

16 “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)”

17 “Playing On My Mind”

18 “Having No Head”

19 “What Should I Say”

20 “Bagsy Not in Net”

21 “Don’t Worry”

22 “Guys”

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