Texas Murder Crew // Everyone’s Last Breath // Album Review
Texas Murder Crew // Everyone’s Last Breath // Album Review9
Texas Murder Crew // Everyone’s Last Breath // Album Review9
Texas Murder Crew // Everyone’s Last Breath // Album Review9
Texas Murder Crew // Everyone’s Last Breath // Album Review9
Texas Murder Crew // Everyone’s Last Breath // Album Review9
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The six-piece Texan Brutal Death Metal band has arrived, boasting ex – Devourment and ex – Kill Everything guitarist Kevin Clark on the guitar along with dual vocal by Logan Ross and Brent Wells, Benjie Quezada on the drums, Timothy Dewayne Ratcliff on the bass and then Terry Burleson providing samples and backup vocals – this line is not here to fuck about and this, their debut album is about to make some serious waves.

The 18-minute album is spread over 6 tracks of some of the most brutal and crushing music going, mixed with the lyrical content to match as we delve into the sordid and sickening world of the band from Dallas. 

The intro is a combination of a sample over some sinister simple tones before the slamming brutality joins the mix to give you a little teaser of just how dark and twisted things are about to get up before we return to the sample. This sets the scene perfectly before the real sounds kick in on ‘Curse of Humanity’ and the deep guttural vocals begin and are join by some low chugs and blast beats that are going to make the unprepared listener shit their pants.

The sickening riffs cause some serious damage as they slice and hack away at you with complete disregard and disdain. The drums are tested to the maximum and you will find the real capability of the eardrum as the relentless hammering continues.

As the album progresses, it almost gets more brutal and disturbing, but it is extremely enjoyable as the band mixes things up in their interpretation of Brutal Death Metal, using the Slam side of things to add some changes in pace, rather than it being an all-out Slam album.

Everyone’s Last Breath is a stunning example of Brutal Death Metal at its finest, with deep and twisted foundations that every other aspect is built upon, sickening vocals to match the lyrics and guitars that just make you want to start stomping to the sounds that are created, whilst the drumming just abuses everything.

Get yourself strapped in as this album goes hard from start to finish and be prepared for this new experience – Brutal death metal done the Texan way.

Ed Ford

Everyone’s Last Breath is released Friday 7th August 200 via Comatose Records


Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Curse of Humanity
  3. Destroy the Witness
  4. Beneath My Feet
  5. Everyone’s Last Breath
  6. Stronghold






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