Texas melodic alternative rock act Jon Car challenges you to carve your own path with new single & lyric video, “Wild Things”

Texas alternative rock act Jon Car has dropped a new single and lyric video.

“Wild Things” is out now, out YouTube & Spotify.

Car spoke exclusively to HM Magazine, to discuss the new release.

Jon Car EP artwork

Having started playing music at the early age of 4, self-taught vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jon Car has developed into a potent alternative rock act, led by an unforgettable vocal.

Having played over 900 shows with his band Hyde After Nine, Car made the decision to carve his own path and pursue a solo career, to optimize the impact of his unique songwriting style and captivating delivery. Led by July’s “The Danger”, Car’s upcoming material nods to a dexterous array of influences from across rock and beyond; the visceral accessibility of Hinder’s Austin Winkler meeting the lyrical elements of Ivan L. Moody (Five Finger Death Punch); the power of a Chris Daughtry juxtaposing luscious pop tones a la Justin Timberlake.

With Car’s resonating vocals and poignant lyricism catching the attention of Affiant Records, new single “Wild Things” sets a mouth-watering taste of what is to come on upcoming EP, ‘DREAM-119’, out September 10th.

Watch Jon Car’s lyric video for new single “Wild Things”, out now on Affiant Records.

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