Texas alternative Rock Act Jon Car Has Unveiled New EP, ‘Dream-119’ – Shares His Influences With Rock ‘N’ Load

(CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2021) Texas alternative rock act Jon Car has unveiled new EP, ‘Dream-119’

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Jon Car EP artwork

Having started playing music at the early age of 4, self-taught vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jon Car has developed into a potent alternative rock act, led by an unforgettable vocal.

Having played over 900 shows with his band Hyde After Nine, Car made the decision to carve his own path and pursue a solo career, to optimize the impact of his unique songwriting style and captivating delivery. Led by July’s “The Danger”, Car’s upcoming material nods to a dexterous array of influences from across rock and beyond; the visceral accessibility of Hinder’s Austin Winkler meeting the lyrical elements of Ivan L. Moody (Five Finger Death Punch); the power of a Chris Daughtry juxtaposing luscious pop tones a la Justin Timberlake.

With Car’s resonating vocals and poignant lyricism catching the attention of Affiant Records, August single “Wild Things” set a mouth-watering taste of what was to follow.

Watch Jon Car’s lyric video for new single “Wild Things”; ‘Dream-119’ is out now on Affiant Records.

Rock ‘N’ Load  Caught Up With Jon To Talk About Influences & Inspiration Surrounding His Sound:


When we were writing the songs on the EP, I really wanted something with an electric boomy sound and Zedd was my immediate go to. They’re unique synth sound was very similar to what I was envisioning and really took to heart the style they were bringing to the table.

Zedd – Clarity


Nick Jonas

This one had the vocal versatility I wanted to implement in the tracks. I love nicks vocal flexibility especially in this song. I wanted my album to have a touch of a higher range to shine a bit higher than the heavier vocals on the tracks.

Nick Jonas – “Chains” https://youtu.be/U8UX2bbCHJw

Five Finger Death Punch

Being my favorite band, I wanted to implement the musical style they do on some of they’re tracks. This song in particular seemed to have a deep connection emotionally and really caught my attention every time I listened to it. I wanted to be able to relate myself in the same manner as they did in this song and really portray the story I wanted to tell.

Five Finger Death Punch – I Apologize



The energy Chris Daughtry brings in this track is phenomenal, and I really wanted to capture something similar to his powerhouse vocal performance. When recording my album I wanted to be able to bring these songs to life with the same kind of energy he did on this song.

Daughtry – Over You



I wanted something as epic as the guitars in this track. the guitar performance is just awesome plain and simple, it’s powerful, heavy, and gets the blood going. This song inspired one of the tracks on my album, I had to have at least one that had an epic grungy feel. Even though the record is sort of a fusion genre-based album I really wanted something similar that would just make the listener want to rock out.

Nickelback – Burn it To The Ground


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