Testament // Titans of Creation // Album Review
Testament // Titans of Creation // Album Review9
Testament // Titans of Creation // Album Review9
Testament // Titans of Creation // Album Review9
Testament // Titans of Creation // Album Review9
Testament // Titans of Creation // Album Review9
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In an uncertain time, it is only right to start a Testament review with the relief that Chuck Billy is feeling better after his Covid-19 diagnosis and best wishes to other members of Testament and their crew along with the Death Angel drummer Will Carroll who is currently in intensive care and other members of Death Angel including Gary Holt who have been unwell. Health is more important than gigs and reviews and the fact that these two bands were touring together when the virus became rife should serve as a warning to all around how contagious and serious this situation is. Rock ‘N’ Load is sending all-out positive vibes to everyone affected and let’s all look after each other so when this shit is over, we can all get back in the pit!

Titans of Creation is the thirteens studio album by the Thrash titans and having moved wit the times, Testament have no longer had to be in the same place to create the album, allowing for everyone to have their input in a less pressurized situation which ultimately has given the opportunity for slight wavers from the mind-blowing balls out Thrash that Testament has created previously, with the odd Prog influence occasionally weaving its way, however, do not fear, Testament is very much the Thrash leaders.

Whilst the pace my go from fast to flat out, there is no denying that the double kick drum gets some serious hammer throughout the album whilst the bass takes more of a starring role than maybe in some other outings and the vocal of Chuck Billy is on point as always.

‘Dream Deceiver’ will get you singing along at full voice before ‘Night of the Witch’ comes back and pummels the living out of you, showing some versatility in the band’s approach and it works wonderfully as the Thrash remains yet is willing to show the off different side.

The riffs are thick and hard and the solos slice through the powerful and punishing music around them in what can only be described as perfection. 

Titans of Creation is a 12-track masterclass of everything that Thrash music is about, being an aggressive outlet for people to lose their minds to, whilst also being all-inclusive and welcoming to new listeners. In such uncertain times and times when many are scared ad don’t want to think of worse cased scenarios, here we have a true escape from the world and a fantastic outlet for you to sing, headbang and break shit to as Titans of Creation may just be the therapy that many need to help them through this testing time.

Ed Ford


Titans of Creation is released April 3rd 2020 via Nuclear Blast.


Track List

1. Children Of The Next Level 6:13

2. WW III 4:48 

3. Dream Deceiver 4:58 

4. Night Of The Witch 6:32 

5. City Of Angels 6:43 

6. Ishtars Gate 5:09 

7. Symptoms 4:37 

8. False Prophet 4:54 

9. The Healers 4:23 

10. Code Of Hammurabi 4:52 

11. Curse Of Osiris 3:24 

12. Catacombs 2:01





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