Terror - Total Retaliation - Album Review
Terror - Total Retaliation - Album Review9
Terror - Total Retaliation - Album Review9
Terror - Total Retaliation - Album Review9
Terror - Total Retaliation - Album Review9
Terror - Total Retaliation - Album Review9
9Overall Score
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Hardcore heavyweights Terror bring us their 7th studio album and whilst the album may only last for 29 minutes this is intense Hardcore at its finest

The combination of thumping drums, heavy hooks and a raspy hardcore vocal, Terror show that they are masters of their genre. The pace goes backward and forward as the band tackle subjects that they feel are tearing apart society, and by doing this also offer up a soundtrack for people to unleash their frustrations to.

The release opens up with a track that will relate to many as ‘This World Never Wanted Me’ raises the emotions and gets your going, you can’t help but join in with the track. Album title track ‘Total Retaliation’ is one of the faster paced tracks where you can just imagine the pace of the pit at the live shows whilst the following track ‘Post Armageddon Interlude’ takes a Hip-Hop turn for just under 2 minutes before we head back to the brilliant Hardcore.

The 15-year history of the band has been filled with numerous studio and live albums along with splits and compilations and Total Retaliationshows that they have not missed a beat, if anything have refined their art and produced something really special.

This album is everything and more that Hardcore should be, aggressive, fun and relevant with a pace that leads to the heart racing, vocals you can join in with and a feeling that you just want to get in the pit and let yourself go. This makes you want to smash something wherever you are and whatever you are doing. A must have for any Hardcore fan.


Ed Ford


Total Retaliation is released September 28th 2018 on Nuclear Blast Records



Track Listing

  1. This World Never Wanted Me
  2. Mental Demolition
  3. Get Off My Back
  4. One More Enemy
  5. Break The Lock
  6. In Spite Of These Times
  7. Total Retaliation
  8. Post Armageddon Interlude
  9. Spirit of Sacrifice
  10. I Don’t Know You
  11. Behind The Bars
  12. Suffer The Edge Of The Lies
  13. Resistant To The Changes







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