My new single, “Burn,” is out now on all streaming platforms. Originally politically charged, “Burn” was born from a place of anger and despair in 2015 when I heard about the Charlie Hebdo incident. The lyric, some things are foul, but no one deserves to burn, popped into my head.
Heavily influenced by my girlfriend at the time, she blasted me for it, demanding I write about love instead, explaining that people want passion instead. And so I began to envision a couple holding each other in an incinerating flame, changing that initial lyric to some tame the fire, but some fires deserve to burn.

The cover art is based off a series of illustrations I painted of the burning lovers.
A haunting call for intimacy, “Burn” exposes my own vulnerability. Empathy dangles from a string for a shot at love, passion builds, and then culminates in cataclysmic proportion. WILDFIRE.
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