So TELLTALE are back with their latest offering “Lie Your Way Out” a five-track EP of epic proportions! I have used the term Pop-Punk band when referring to TELLTALE but that is simply an injustice as these crazy kids are for more than just a Pop-Punk band, clearly pulling on influences far and wide their sound is hefty yet melodic and at times kinda crazy beautiful!

The EP whilst succinct delivers exactly what the guys intended, 5 blistering tracks that hit you right square between the eyes. The EP opener “Slowburn” sums up everything you need to know about TELLTALE, savage riffs, brutal aggression from the backline, especially the drum work on this track it’s just sublime, a killer introduction and sets the bar pretty high. 

“Pessimist” follows up and is equally as energetic but with a perfectly delicate chorus that lifts the mood and feel of the track, all whilst retaining enough angst to keep the angry teen skater boys in check. 

In a blink of an eye, you are thrust back into a slamming track in “Out Of Control” which is a darker sounding vibe with is slamming riffage and hefty pace, “Cobain” Ft Honey Revenge is a welcome change of pace and feel with the vocal harmonies mellowing proceedings slightly and her vocals delivering a beautiful juxtaposition between the violence of TELLTALE‘s sound and her delivery.

The EP’s self-titled track wraps up an absolutely slamming recording, after speaking with bassist Tim Fogg last week and talking about the young years within the band it is a testament that a group of young musicians can produce a body of work of such quality. Production is sublime, allowing the songs to resonate the way they were intended. The musicianship across the EP is just killer, and I can only imagine as a live entity TELLTALE will be a formidable force. 


Out today via Rude Records “Lie Your Way Out” is well worth your hard-earned money. 

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Lie Your Way Out Tracklisting:
1. Slowburn
2. Pessimist
3. Out Of Control!
5. Lie Your Way Out

John Carteret (vocals), Tim Fogg (bass), Bryce Marshall (guitar), Travis Slack (drums)




Check Out Our Interview With bassist Tim Fogg Below:

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