Tal WilkenFeld - Love Remains - Album Review
Tal WilkenFeld - Love Remains - Album Review 8
Tal WilkenFeld - Love Remains - Album Review 8
Tal WilkenFeld - Love Remains - Album Review 8
Tal WilkenFeld - Love Remains - Album Review 8
Tal WilkenFeld - Love Remains - Album Review 8
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Tal Wilkenfeld drops her debut release Love Remains via BMG March 15th and it is a wolf in sheep’s clothes to say the least. Bassist come singer-songwriter Wilkenfeld is best know for her antics as bass player for some of the music greats, Jeff Beck, Prince, The Allman Bros., Herbie Hancock and Mick Jagger for example. Clearly a musician at the very top of her game, Love Remains is a shift in direction for this multi-talented, multi-faceted musician.

Challenges met, she felt a yearning to get back to her roots as a singer-songwriter and step back from the bass and what we have is a collection of ten beautifully constructed and executed tracks that take you on an audible journey. The album opener ‘Corner Painter’ is a gnarly sounding track that is reminiscent of Chris Cornell number dripping is Seattle attitude, whilst ‘Counterfit’ is a more subtle number that offers haunting vibes that engage the listener from start to finish.

‘Hard To Be Alone’ offers that angst once again, as Tal grafts her way across an edgy track with wailing guitars savage vocals. ‘Haunted Love’ takes things back down, a chilled out track that envelops you in Tal’s smooth and silky voice as she accompanies her bass guitar. A shift in direction and a welcome respite, the album takes you on a sonic twister of a journey through melodic and simplistic numbers to complex and intricate, beautifully poised compositions all delivered with the finesse Tal Wilkenfeld comprises.

Not your average album, not your average musician. Tal Wilkenfeld has produced an album outside of the usual cookie cutter artists that clutter the airwaves. Love Remains is an album for the independent thinker.

Love Remains is out March 15th Via BMG.


Track List:

1.Corner Painter
2. Counterfeit
3. Hard To Be Alone
4. Haunted Love
5. Love Remains
6. Fistful of Glass
7. Under The Sun
8. One Thing After Another
9. Killing Me
10. Pieces Of Me

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2 Responses

  1. Mark Walsh

    This is a nice review, except that this is not Tal’s “debut release” as her first solo CD was released in 20107. The first release was instrumental, so this is her lead vocal debut as a solo artist. Also, it’s a really good album!

    • #Flashartmark

      Tres True – debut release on the new album label – Gracias for pointing that out – Mark / Editor / RNL


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