Taken By The Tide’s birth began with their debut release ‘There’s No Such Thing As An Atheist In A Foxhole’, winning them comparisons to bands such as Ion Dissonance, Meshuggah, Sylosis and Mastodon.

Their darkly progressive self released second EP, ‘Hands of Spite’ was put out through Bandcamp as a ‘Name Your Price’ download. Hands of Spite was amongst the Bandcamp best sellers during its first week, piquing the interest of the extreme metal press:

‘Put simply, this is ridiculously good. It is twenty one minutes of intelligent heavy music that kicks the crap out of the boundaries that separate Doom, Prog, Djent and Hardcore.’

‘Taken By The Tide’s sound is difficult to describe, showcasing an intricate and highly technical level of musicianship, but never at the expense of face peelingly visceral levels of aggression and riffs that make you want to punch walls. Imagine, if you will Ion Dissonance and Meshuggah kicking the living shit our of each other atop the wing of a jet plane as it crashes into The Dillinger Escape Plan.’
-Terrorizer Magazine.

After their extensive touring with fellow tech monsters Mask Of Judas, as well as a number of festival appearances, the band entered the studio again to record their new EP titled ‘Revenge’.

Numerous festival appearances include Bloodstock Festival, destroying Macmillan Festival in both Nottingham and Bristol as well as touring up and down the country.

The band comment: “We are extremely pleased to finally peel back the seal on what we’ve been up to. Moloch is the first track released from our forthcoming EP titled ‘Revenge’ and represents, in every respect, the greatest sacrifice. A deeply personal track that details decades of family abuse finally unravelled by dementia. This is a discordant, angular track written in spite and delivered with hatred. Revenge is finally near.”

“Revenge” sees Taken By The Tide honing their craft to deliver a deliciously dark, bone-crushingly heavy and cross-genre work, all the while showcasing a highly technical level of musicianship.

“Revenge” tracklisting:

1. The Organs Are Mine
2. Grave Lessons
3. Moloch
4. Revenge Overture
5. Anfang Extinction
6. Now I Am Become Death

Taken By The Tide are:

Nath Harris – Guitar
Eric Revill – Guitar
Ed Gorrod – Drums
Andrew Workman – Bass
Phil Illsley – Vocals


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