Are you tired of not being able to develop a successful career in the music industry due to the operational dynamics behind it suppressing your potential for progress? Do you feel frustrated of the fact that you are not in a position to achieve the results that you want entirely relying on your talent and desire only? Don’t you think it is unfair that you have to comply with outdated, inefficient practices and rely on so many illogical variables in the music business in order to do what you love and what you are best at for living? Well, if you find the aforementioned questions relevant to your current situation – we have some good news for you. The tool that can completely change and turn around your quest for establishing an influential, sustainable career in the music sphere by providing you with the opportunity to utilize your own potential and desire in the process of perfecting the different aspects of your career now exists and operates perfectly, so you are now able to take control of your professional future and perform your duties as a music industry participant to the highest possible level, without the need to rely on other factors.


Yes, we know – this isn’t the first time that you are being presented with big, hyperbolic words about the newest project that will change the landscape of the music world, but we are here to tell you why exactly Show4Me is the network that is capable of fulfilling this goal and completely revolutionize the nature of the music industry cycle. Show4Me is a one-of-a-kind music interaction network that aims at fully reinventing this business by creating a self-sufficient system where all fragmented pieces of the said business environment are brought together. This is done to help artists of any level to scale their careers and monetize their music activities by building a unique relationship with their fans. With supporters from all over the world pledging for their concert or album, musicians benefit from a zero-loss model of concert organization and music crowdfunding. This brand-new approach ensures sustaining music careers and boosting revenues from shows and music sales in the easiest and most convenient way possible. Artists get equal chances to get noticed and gain world recognition without financial losses or waiting for ages before it happens. Show4Me helps artists get new revenues doing what they love – creating music. They do this by simply putting fans at the center of their music business. With fans pledging for their concerts or music, artists cultivate highly engaged audiences, who feel for the first time that they are playing a key role in making the show happen. It makes them emotionally involved in the creative process and eager to spend money to support your music activities, as well as to share your art, your music, with their friends.
The best part is that Show4Me is not just an idea or a concept. It’s a fully planned, designed and executed by a team, comprised of accomplished and successful business-oriented professionals, who not only have honest and genuine passion to music, but also have significant experience in the general world of business, which surely should act as an important prerequisite for the success of this initiation. The overall business potential of Show4Me was already massively acknowledged and praised as the next leader in the music industry by world-renowned outlets, such as Forbes, Billboard and many more, as we believe that this is more than enough prove for you to trust our words.
Enough words already, however. You don’t need any more explanation by us since you can now test and try Show4Me’s features, characteristics and overall experience on your own! Show4Me Music Interaction Network is giving exclusive access to its beta version to the artists prior to the official release in April 2019. The chosen artists will be uploading their music and posting exciting content to make everything ready for promoting their art to fans once Show4Me is presented to the public. By signing up, you become part of the global music ecosystem, where everything is designed to help musicians break into the music industry or take your existing careers to new heights. The main purpose of the pre-launch is to let musicians test a full arsenal of tools in their professional accounts – artist clubs – so they can immediately launch their music campaigns after the official version is released.

Providing additional information about the brand new release of Show4Me’s beta version, owner Karėn Chiftalaryan says: “The purpose of pre-launch is to give musicians a taste of the Show4me interactive experience and surf all essential tools that Artist Club offers. It’s time for them to learn how to run a successful music business in a brand-new way or how to level up their already existing music careers. Whatever the goal is, Show4Me is here for every artist to make it happen!”

Become part of the interaction that changes the sensation of music business and take control over your own destiny now. Join Show4Me.

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