Symbolik // Emergence // Album Review
Symbolik // Emergence // Album Review8
Symbolik // Emergence // Album Review8
Symbolik // Emergence // Album Review8
Symbolik // Emergence // Album Review8
Symbolik // Emergence // Album Review8
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Hailing from Stockton, California, Symbolik has been creating music together since 2009 and release Pathogenesis in 2011 which was a 6 track EP and now the band is here to release their debut full-length album, which has been 11 years in the making.

The 10 track album has a running time of around 40 minutes, however, leave a little longer to enjoy this as you will no doubt want to listen a few times in order to appreciate the intricacies and technicality that is on display in this Tech-Death offering.

The flavor of the album does not take long to come to the fore as the ever-changing guitar notes begin and the drums begin to test the ear drums and a high pitched vocal is countered by a deep growl. The guitars really start to take center stage as the solos begin and we have a Tech guitar harmonization that is glorious to hear.

As the album progresses this combination of highly Technical guitar work continues to amaze and the battering of the drums continues to punish as we hit blast beat levels of power and the vocal adds a Black Metal twist and it works wonderfully well.

The melodies are soothing at times, allowing for a brief intake of breath before the Tech Death returns to continue the face-melting assault and as eluded to earlier on, the amount to take in on this offering is immense as it has so many audible layers to try and absorb. It is great on the first listen, yet the more you hear the more you realize you missed first or second time around.

It is clear when listening to this debut offering that Emergence was not created quickly, in fact, it has been developed over the span of 8 years, allowing for the perfecting of the tone and pace and ensuring that such a complex experience is as tight as possible and to the level that the band had hoped for. 

If you did not know that this was a debut full-length album, you would think that this was from a band that had honed its craft over a number of releases, however, take the number of releases out of the equation, this is an established band that creates some outstanding Tech-Death music and are certainly here to take the scene by the throat and shake it up and Emergence will certainly do that.

Ed Ford


Emergence is release April 10th 2020 via The Artisan Era 


Track List

1. Augury of Ancients 

2. Invoking Oblivion 

3. A Tyranny in Decay 

4. Corridors of the Consumed 

5. Dirge of All Creation 

6. Coalescing the Void 

7. In Servitude of Silence 

8. Souls of Deception 

9. Perceptions of Reality 

10. When Eternity Collapsed



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