UK metal crew SYMBOL OF ORION ( ) are beginning to create a stir on the scene. The Highly accomplished Brit metallers deliver their engrossing new single and video, Old Believers, on Friday 29th May. With all of this in mind, we exclusively asked the band to give a breakdown of their favourite tracks:

SYLOSIS – Servitude

This particular song has influenced our latest releases like “Dark Matter 2018’ and “Human Combustion (not released yet)’, focusing more into traditional thrash vibe and its simplicity on songwriting. The main riff in that song grooves so much and it is simple heavy.

Production wise it was recorded by Scott Atkins, Grindstone Studios, one of the best in the UK metal production and we aim for that level of production in our music.

Gojira – Heaviest Matter

-Heaviest Matter of the universe is the song that drove us towards the new era of music. Its unique groovy guitar riffs that locks with drums, stands out the most. The vocal techniques used for this song like throaty vocals on verses, chesty growls on the bridge part and deep natural vocals that goes along with single notes on guitar sections are some of the best examples of vocal techniques which has influenced us.

Baroness – March to the sea

-The song’s simplicity and chord progressions are what we observed in this song. Simplicity can be very creative and unique when used in a correct way.

Sepultura – Inner Self

-This song is a super killer and never gets old. The concept and the structure of the song has inspired the band to focus more into precise composing and structuring the song in details. Also the idea of incorporating their lifestyle and political corruptions into their lyrics has influenced us to incorporate our own culture and lifestyle into our music.It has also inspired the band lyrically.

Metallica – Master of Puppets

-Master of puppets is another one that has influenced our band. Core reason is the song’s structural  built as it comes thumping with hard fast riffs verse-chorus-verse and ambience part with solo that progresses to the initial part of song. The track has an aggressive down picking assembled with chords and very structured solo. This complete pack of musicianship with massive drive of energy has always inspired the band to move forward.

Evile – Thrasher

-This song shaped our individual performance and our foundation during the early days. The song helped us to develop our playing like guitar picking, pivot points, palm muting and hand/wrist placements. It also helped us to re-address our techniques and knowledge. The song has such an intensity with fast and down guitar pickings with constant drumming that sure test every players ability.

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