Sylosis // Cycle of Suffering // Album Review
Sylosis // Cycle of Suffering // Album Review9
Sylosis // Cycle of Suffering // Album Review9
Sylosis // Cycle of Suffering // Album Review9
Sylosis // Cycle of Suffering // Album Review9
Sylosis // Cycle of Suffering // Album Review9
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After a long four years, the wait is finally over, Sylosis are back!

The band that formed in Reading around 20 years ago and then releasing the debut album Conclusion Of An Age in 2008, Sylosis quickly became one of the main players in the UK Metal scene and their live shows pushed them even further.

This incredible upward projection continued with the releases that followed by way of Edge Of The Earth in 2011 and Monolith in 2012 and a serious tour schedule that filled the time until the 2015 release of Dormant Heart. However, this is where the story stops, as in 2016 Sylosis announced that they were taking an indefinite hiatus, leaving a gaping hole in the Metal scene.

News spread rapidly when it was announced that the wait was over, 4 years was long enough and the band was back to release a new album and pick up where they left off as they aim to retake their throne and continue on their incredible journey.

Having taken the time away and shaken off the shackles of expectation whilst focussing on writing the music that feels right for the band, rather than what is expected by the band, Sylosis has potentially created their most ‘real’ and defining album.

Opening up with ‘Empty Prophets’ the thundering drums push the Thrash pace as the guitars are chunky and riffy and the vocal is passionate and aggressive in a perfect balance. The sound is heavy and aggressive and blends aspect of differing styles, with some Tech, Thrash and then they throw in the odd breakdown for good measure. By the end of this opening track you know that Sylosis is not just back, they are improved and firing on all cylinders.

This crushing sound continues as the album pushes on, with the title track pushing the pace and has a lovely raw sound to it, whilst maintaining its huge sound. The drums are relentless and punishing, taking a chunk of you as the beats pass through your body and then the guitars provide the tuneful backing for the aggressive moments that your body will now be making involuntarily.

Even when the sound takes a more acoustic step with tracks like ’Abandon’, passion and power is no less.

The 12 tracks that Sylosis have recorded for the album span roughly 51 minutes and it will some of, if not the best 51 minutes of Metal that you will hear this year as they have created something that not only matches the expectations and anticipation, it smashes it to pieces.

Cycle of Suffering is one of the most accomplished albums heard in recent memory and should be widely celebrated. 

Ed Ford

Cycle of Suffering is released on February 7th 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.


Track List

1. Empty Prophets 3:03 

2. I Sever 5:08 

3. Cycle of Suffering 3:32 

4. Shield 3:51 

5. Calcified 3:55 

6. Invidia 4:52 

7. Idle Hands 4:40 

8. Apex of Disdain 4:26 

9. Arms Like A Noose 3:46 

10. Devils In Their Eyes 3:26 

11. Disintegrate 4:07 

12. Abandon 6:06


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