Sworn Enemy - Gamechanger - Album Review
Sworn Enemy - Gamechanger - Album Review10
Sworn Enemy - Gamechanger - Album Review10
Sworn Enemy - Gamechanger - Album Review10
Sworn Enemy - Gamechanger - Album Review10
Sworn Enemy - Gamechanger - Album Review10
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Hardcore fans to the front as New York crew Sworn Enemy bring us their latest uncompromising offering, using the skills of Machine Heads Robb Flynn to produce the album and Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah,Warbringer) to mix and master the record this is all set up to be an absolute beast. Throw into the mis that vocalist and founding member Sal Lococo advises us that the album is 5 years in the making and is “… savage as fuck” and we know that shit’s about to go down.

Clocking in at 37 minutes long and 11 tracks, this album certainly comes out swinging, as the intro slowly raises the heart rate as any good warm up should ‘Prepare for Payback’ kicks in with the vocal of “Step the fuck back, before you get knocked down. Step the fuck back, Il bring the hammer down” at which point you know that it’s definitely on!

The Thrash and Metal fusion of New York Hardcore is incredible as the riffs rage along with the destroying beat and the barking vocal that pulls it all together, venting the wrings of the world and providing a platform for everyone to rage along with.

The pace never feels like it slows as you just want to start a pit wherever you are, stomping and smashing everything in sight, this album should come with a warning! At the beginning of ‘Coming Undone’ Sworn Enemy lull into a false sense of security a they open with a lovely acoustic solo and as you are grabbing a well needed breather at roughly ne minute of peaceful and serene musical delight, the electric guitar kicks in and suddenly we are jolted back into a state of pure rage, with the scything, chunky riffs and passionately aggressive vocal to complete the sound of raw emotion.

Hardcore music is regularly intense and raw, however this fells like a whole new level of aggression that infiltrates and makes all the frustrations built up inside the listener, come to the fore and just want to smash the shit out of everything to release that pent up aggression. ‘Selling a Dream’ includes the fact that this is a positive stance to take in order to change the world, so lets use this album as the catalyst to get that rage out and focus on the future.

Gamechangeris not just an album title, it is a true reflection of this album and its not just the Hardcore scene that it is changing, it is all of Metal. Everyone needs to hear this, as it is just a magnificent beast. My only criticism is that it should come with a warning for the listener, however also a sign for the listener to wear, advising those nearby to be cautious of flung limbs or you may get your teeth knocked out!


Ed Ford


Track List


Prepare For Payback

Seeds of Hate

Coming Undone



Fragments of a Broken Life

The Fall of Modern Man

Selling A Dream

The Consequence

Integrity Defines Strength






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