Swiss stoner-rockers Hey Satan (ex-Shovel, ex-HSE) unveiled new single “Housewife Blues” // New album ‘Orange Moon’ coming out on April 8th.

Two fierce guitars and one drums, pure rock’n’roll pleasure, body and soul: Hey Satan is back in town and ready to rumble!

A few weeks only after unveilling a first official music video for the song “Golgotha Beach”, Swiss power-trio Hey Satan (featuring ex-members of Shovel and Houston Swing Engine), just shared another video excerpt from its upcoming second full-length effort with “Housewife Blues” available right now on YouTube.

The song will feature on the their new album called ‘Orange Moon’ and coming out on April 8th for Limited LP edition & Digital through Cold Smoke Records(Bunkr, Ogmasun, The Burden Remains…), in addition to the limited vinyl reissue of their first S/T effort.

Watch the music video of “Housewife Blues” | Pre-Order the album on Cold Smoke webstore

…For the record…

HEY SATAN is a rock trio from Lausanne, Switzerland.
Formed by longtime friends François, Laurent and Frank (formerly from Shovel and Houston Swing Engine), Hey Satan provides heavy beats, groovy riffs and mean lyrics, with some royal influences (Led Zeppelin, RATM, Kyuss etc.).

After the success of its first LP released in 2017 (sold out, 285’000 YouTube views), the band has joined Rec Studios, Geneva, to cut its second coming. The 10-tracks baby boy will be released in March 2019 on swiss label Cold Smoke.

Be sure that the loveable boys know how to rock this shit live.

For fans of Fu Manchu, Nebula, Low Rider, Queens Of The Stone Age…

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